The Breedlove Law Firm Is Experienced At Using Civil Mediation To Settle Legal Disputes

Civil Mediation is a valuable form of settlement conference. Civil mediation requires a skilled, third party to facilitate interaction between parties. The Breedlove Law Firm can achieve mutually agreed upon results through civil mediation

If you are in a civil or family legal dispute and live in Louisiana, then The Breedlove Law Firm’s assistance is just what you are in need off.  Since 1992, Pamela Breedlove has been licensed to practice law in Georgia and Louisiana.

Mediation has become the primary method for solving civil and family disputes. Not only does mediation save parties valuable time and money, in comparison to lengthy litigation hearings, but it also allows the parties to maintain some form of relationship once the dispute is settled.

A civil or family mediation case is held at a location that is neutral to all parties involved. The mediation hearing is overseen by a skilled third party, known as the mediator. During the mediation, both parties are allowed to have an attorney present—each party is allowed the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding the dispute. It is then the job of the mediator to smooth the progress of interactions between parties and ensure a fair and legal resolution is achieved.

During a legal dispute, the option of mediation is always available; should a resolution not be met, the parties then have to decide if they want to move on to arbitration or litigation. The Breedlove Law Firm is experienced with achieving results from mediation that are satisfactory to all the parties involved.

If you are in a civil or family legal dispute and believe that mediation may be the answer to a peaceful resolution contact The Breedlove Law Firm at

If you live in Georgia or Louisiana and are faced with a civil or family law dispute, contact the Breedlove Law Firm today at Schedule a consultation appointment today and learn how the Breedlove Law Firm can help you resolve your legal dispute through the mediation process.

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Since 1992, Pamela N. Breedlove has been licensed to practice law in Georgia and Louisiana. The first fifteen years of her law career were spent doing litigation cases, from medical malpractice cases to family law disputes. If you are facing any form of legal dispute, contact Pamela N. Breedlove at the Breedlove Law Firm and discover how easily your legal issues can be resolved. 

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