The Breedlove Firm Offers Assistance for Clients in Need of a Healthcare Attorney

There are several reasons why clients may be in need of lawyers, and Pamela Breedlove is happy to provide expert assistance. Breedlove is licensed to practice law in Georgia and Louisiana and has offered quality legal expertise to clients since 1992. During the first 15 years of her law degree, Breedlove’s practice was focused on litigation and she focused on medical malpractice defense, as well as commercial litigation and the defense of individual employees and municipalities. Breedlove has worked with clients to represent them on the federal and state level and she is committed to working with individuals with specific needs to get the desired results.

When it comes to healthcare law, Breedlove will carefully review a care to ensure that clients who have not received properly care at a medical facility are rightfully compensated. The Breedlove team will review all documents filled out by the client before and after and receiving medical treatment and evaluate all services the clients received at a hospital or clinic. Since Breedlove knows all about healthcare law, she can ensure that patients who received unfair or minimal treatment from a healthcare professional will receive proper medical care. She can also prove whether a patient needs to receive additional medications or treatments to rectify a negative healthcare situation.

In additional to healthcare-related cases, Breedlove can also take care of civil officers and police officers who need legal representation. There are situations in which these professionals make mistakes or are accused of unprofessional or unethical behavior. Breedlove will take a careful look at the situation and determine whom, if anyone is at fault to provide proper representation.

The Breedlove firm also handles civil and family mediation. When there is a family dispute over a will or property, Breedlove can dissect the case and evaluate all documentation or verbal agreements concerning the case. This will help her and her legal team to award funds or property to the rightful owners. Older family members who want to assign power of attorney to a specific family member or group of relatives can count on the Breedlove firm to make these arrangements. Some individuals who are elderly or have serious health issues may feel much better knowing that they’ll be in the right facility if they are in need of additional care that can’t be provided at home with the help of the Breedlove firm.

When couples are divorcing and need to determine which parent will have custody of the children or stay in the family home. Mediation can also entail helping both parents to communicate with one another in a civil fashion for the good of the family. With mediation, Breedlove helps families to solve disputes, in many cases without having to go to court. The Breedlove firm provides a mediation session that lasts for a few hours to help families settle a specific matter; however, it is possible for clients to arrange more than one session to settle issues that are more complex. Family members can also bring their attorneys to mediation sessions, but this is not required.

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