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4th May, 2018 – Litchfield Park, Arizona – The average person in the United States pays almost twice as much for their healthcare as people from Canada or Europe. Doctors in the United States have a reputation for being ‘over-paid’, but as any medical professional would vouch, while the pay has historically been good, the wages, in real terms, are falling and the amount of hours that they are working is increasing.

Primary care physicians in particular are in a difficult position. They face high demand for their skills, and many feel that the way that physicians are paid puts unfair emphasis on volume, drugs, and expensive procedures, and profit than on doctor-patient relationships. The doctors themselves are looking to take back control, and The Brake Group aims to do exactly that.

The Brake Group was founded in 2004, with the goal of advocating for physicians, and over the last 14 years they have expanded their offerings extensively. The Brake Group is now excited to announce that they are opening their doors to physicians for a new service – Physician Contract Reviews.

Physicians Need to Negotiate

Brake Group Founder and CEO, Amber L. Brake notes that many physicians are reluctant to negotiate their contracts. Some fear that they do not have the time, others are held back by the worry that they may appear to be too concerned with compensation. In addition, some simply are not well informed about the salaries that others in similar positions are earning.

Brake said “Physicians are an increasingly integral part of the American dream, yet few know how to ask for what they deserve”.

The Brake Group’s new Physician Contract Review service uses each physician’s personal and professional goals to help them develop a contract that reflects their personal and professional goals. They use a range of metrics and cover numerous clauses including non-competes, relocation expenses, paid time off, malpractice cover, residency and sign-on bonuses, and more.

The contract is a vital part of any position. A good contract exists to protect you and your employer. The Brake Group’s contract review service will help physicians to ensure that the job they take is the job that they end up doing in reality, and that they get the support and remuneration that they deserve at each step of the way.

The Brake Group hopes that this service will help to ensure that physicians can negotiate with confidence. Some physicians fear that if they try to negotiate themselves, it could leave them exposed to some contentious back-and-forth. By allowing a neutral third party to negotiate for them, the physicians add some professional distance, and ensure that they get the contract that they need or deserve, without having to fear such stress on their professional relationships.

For more information about The Brake Group, their physician contact reviews and the other physician advocacy services that they offer, call 602.737.1755 or visit and use the contact form.

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