The Boxer: Fear No Evil by L.M. Bollers


Who doesn’t like to embark on a unforgettable journey filled with suspense, resilience, and the underlying power of the human spirit? ‘The Boxer: fear no evil,’ by L.M. Bollers, is a captivating read that introduces three distinct yet interconnected stories that will take the readers on a rollercoaster of emotions.

The author first introduces the story of a young woman who is stripped of her dignity and held captive in a cell. Her determination to survive amidst the obstacles and her strong will to outthink her captor will keep the readers in awe as she cunningly plays his game, seeking his one flaw and her flight to freedom.

Simultaneously, the author introduces a young man who finds himself abruptly thrust into the harsh realities of life as he searches for his mother. From the streets of New York, to checking every dark alley, every drug infested neighborhood, every dilapidated building, the boy never loses hope, never doubting that somewhere his mother was alive and waiting to be rescued.Amidst this tapestry of interconnected lives, a detective with a troubled pass and a quest for justice, add more dept to the story. His fight against evil, is an inspiration for every reader. He serves as a beacon of hope for many people struggling with their inner demons that what appears on the surface might not always be the truth.

If you are someone looking for a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat – ‘The Boxer: Fear no evil,’ By L.M. Bollers is for you. The twists and turns will leave an everlasting impact on your psyche! This book is all set to take its place on your bookshelf with its unique themes that will resonate with every reader. Head to the website or Amazon and get your copy now.

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