The book, “The Uncommon Commodity” provides expert tips for aspiring managers

“The Uncommon Commodity: The Common Sense Guide for New Managers” is the newly launched book by Doug Thorpe which provides practical principles, tips and ideas for emerging managers to help them make a difference in their job. As the name suggests, it’s a ‘common sense’ guide for new managers which helps them in understanding the transition from being a follower to the leader of their team.

Doug Thorpe has come up with this work, inspired from his own experiences working as a banker and entrepreneur. He has inculcated the lessons he has learned at his workplace into this book so that itcan assist the newbie managers in fulfilling their role in a better way. The book has received great reviews from the readers so far. “You will learn 5 mistakes most new managers make and how to avoid them as well as how to tell if zombies have attacked your organization and how to tell if you are a cool breeze or a fog machine. Get this book today! Add it to your personal development library and read a chapter a day. In 61 days you will be done and the small investment in yourself you made by purchasing this book will provide astronomical returns for your life and career,” says reader Stan Stinson.

In “The Common Commodity”, Thorpe has considered all the challenges that newly appointed managers face due to their sudden transition. He has provided ideas and useful information which will help them in dealing with those challenges in a better way. The book is meant to assist the managers in becoming the best they can in their role.

Doug Thorpe holds vast experience in mentoring new managers and helping them in mastering the art of becoming a leader. His experience as a banker helped him in understanding the different kinds of business and as an entrepreneur, he went on to build several companies. He has led multiple teams of professionals and understands the various aspects of becoming a good leader which he now shares in his book.

He also offers coaching and consulting services to businesses and has along list of happy clients, which include the companies and business leaders who are seeking assistance for the development of new managers, team development, and C-suite one-on-one. He founded a firm called HeadwayExec, LLC. and promotes the idea of maintaining balance for work, life, and faith.

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