The Big Mistake Made By Many Motorists

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When checking their tire pressures some motorists mistaken think that the pressure stated on the tire sidewall is the recommended level to use. This is big mistake because the figure stated on the sidewall is in fact the tire manufacturer’s maximum recommended pressure, which is invariably substantially more than the pressures recommended by the vehicle maker.

Beverley Hills, California – Over inflated tires not only increase the risk of an accident but it also causes increased running costs because tire treads wear unevenly requiring early replacement of the tire.  Some commentators believe that tire life can be reduced by as much as 30%. 

One of the biggest causes of motorists over inflating tires is lack of knowledge of where to find the correct inflation information.  Instead of using the vehicle owner’s manual or the plate on the door jam, they often examine the tire sidewall and assume that the pressure stated there is the one to use.  The pressure stated on the sidewall is the tire makers recommended maximum pressure for that type of tire!

When inflating tires more is certainly not better and inflating a tire beyond the vehicle manufacturers’ recommended pressures can put you at serious risk.  On a normal drive, there are many things which can naturally increase your tire’s pressure, including outside temperature and friction with the road.  If your tires are already inflated up to their maximum limit even the most minor bump or pothole in the road can cause the car to handle unpredictably leading to loss of control and possible accidents.

Over inflation can have many other negative effects on your ride. With all the “give” taken out of the tires, filling up to the maximum pressure guarantees that you will feel every bit of the road’s surface, leading to a ride which has been described as “brittle” and “rough”. With less of the tire’s surface touching the road it also grips less readily, resulting in a diminished handling and braking ability.

Annie Michaels (Auto-Tec’s Customer Service Manager) said ‘We always recommend that people refer to their vehicle manual when looking at how much to inflate their tires. Over inflation is a real problem in motoring, and although it can seem harmless at first, it has a real and measurable damaging effect on your tires. To make sure you always have your tires at their perfect pressure level, we recommend you use an Auto-Tec tire pressure gauge to ensure a quick, accurate reading especially when going on any long journeys.’

About Auto-Tec

The Auto-Tec brand is part of the Premier Products Limited, an on-line motoring accessories retailer specializing in bringing quality automotive products to market at affordable prices, underpinned with solid product guarantees.  All of their tire gauges are made according to the ANSI B40.1 Grade B accuracy standard, 100% tested and approved. Auto-Tec gauges are suitable for most passenger vehicles, cars, SUV’s and motorcycles. 

The Auto-Tec Professional tire pressure gauge (model AT-TPG-1001) is available through

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