The Best Romantic Gift is not a T-Shirt, It’s a Supercar Rental

The Best Romantic Gift is not a T-Shirt, It's a Supercar Rental

USA – December 26, 2022 – As holidays come and go, consumers are constantly in search of the next best gift. T-Shirts with cute quotes, coffee mugs, necklaces, etc. are always on the menu. “Best gift for my boyfriend” and “Best gift for my girlfriend” are among the most searched-for queries on Google. The real best gift of all? A Supercar delivered to their doorstep.

“T-shirts with cute quotes are cool gifts but I think a McLaren 570GT delivered to their doorstep with a 48 rose bouquet would be a slightly more memorable.”Hussian Alsaadi, Co-founder of MySugarExotics

Supercars and exotic cars are not affordable to own, let alone gift, but what if the Supercar was not owned and rather a daily/hourly experience? Instead of forcing consumers to spend hundreds of thousands with ownership, My Sugar Exotics is offering Supercar experiences on an affordable daily or hourly basis, to everyone with a valid driver license and insurance. From G-Wagons to Lamborghinis, there’s something for everyone.

My Sugar Exotics also has one of the best customer-service track records, with a plethora of 5-star reviews and endless positive buzz around the company. My Sugar Exotics allows individuals the most affordable luxurious driving experience with its Supercar fleet that consist of a collection worth well over $5M.

“Today you can rent everything from Yachts to Houses to Rolexes. So why not Supercars?” Layth Jasim, Co-founder of MySugarExotics

Most people will spend nearly 20% of their lifetime driving or riding a car, that’s years of your life behind a wheel! There’s no reason justifying that much of your life behind the wheel of a car you don’t enjoy driving. It’s critical to make sure you’re in a car you can enjoy spend nearly 1/5th of your life inside of.

 My Sugar Exotics offers the most convenient way of booking your dream car in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pick-out Your Supercar
  2. Upload Insurance and Driver License
  3. Get on the road!

What You Are Getting from My Sugar Exotics

  • 5-Star Customer Care and Road Assistance
  • Best rental rates nationwide
  • Best collection of exotics in DC
  • No Age Restrictions
  • Private Chauffeurs for hire on an hourly basis
  • Minimal security deposits relative to the industry

Take your Supercar experience to the next level, with MySugarExotic’s Signature Packages

  • 48 Rose Bouquets available
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off
  • Car-Bow-Wrap Packages
  • Proposal Packages
  • Photographer packages

My Sugar Exotics is the first exotic rental agency in the United States of America to offer $200,000+ cars collection with no age restrictions. The agency has seen incredible demand and vigorous customer interest after their launch. My Sugar Exotics launched its operation during the COVID-19 Pandemic and is located at the heart of the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia). MySugarExotics was Founded by two car enthusiasts, Hussian Alsaadi and Layth Jasim, who love to travel and drive Supercars in cities like Miami, LA, Chicago, and Dubai.

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