The Best of New Zealand for North American Dogs & Cats from ZIWI®

The Best of New Zealand for North American Dogs & Cats from ZIWI®
A New Innovation Inspired by Nature that Delivers Peak Nutrition and Palatability.

Napier, New Zealand – 15 April, 2024 – New Zealand’s premium petfood manufacturer ZIWI is launching ZIWI Peak® Steam & Dried, a new range for cats and dogs made from the very best in ethically sourced raw animal proteins, with added functional ingredients.  

“ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is made for pet parents who want to feed their cat or dog a more diverse diet,” says Suse Cassidy, ZIWI’s GM of Global Marketing and Innovation. 

“Our testing shows that dogs and particularly cats love it. We are excited to launch ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried in the US and Canada; it’s innovative and unlike anything ZIWI has done before,” she says. “The new range has all of the qualities and credentials that ZIWI is known for, including ethically sourced raw meat and wild-caught seafood, and our gentle processing methods preserve the nutritional integrity of our ingredients. With added functional ingredients – the new recipes will support digestion, gut health, and a healthy skin & coat.”

“ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried uses a patented-new two-step process called Z-MicroSteam™ to ensure optimum nutrition and palatability while keeping the ingredients as close to nature as possible. The result is a light, tempting, crisp texture that pets love.”  

A complete and balanced food, ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is a new alternative-to-raw, easy store, scoop and serve diet that provides an entry into the ultra-premium category by providing exceptional nutrition at a more accessible price for ZIWI consumers.  

ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried three new Dog recipes come in three pack sizes: (1.8lb/800g, 3.3lb/1.5kg, 7.1lb/3.2kg) 

  • Cage-free Chicken with Orchard Fruits 

  • Grass-fed Lamb with Green Vegetables 

  • Grass-fed Beef with Pumpkin 

All the recipes contain 85% premium animal ingredients and include fruits and vegetables, a natural source of fiber to help support digestion, and chicory root — a natural prebiotic that helps support the growth of good gut bacteria. 

Our three delicious cat recipes come in two pack sizes: (1.8lb/800g, 4.9lb/2.2kg) 

  • Cage-free Chicken with Whole Mackerel 

  • Grass-fed Beef with Southern Blue Whiting 

  • Wild South Pacific Fish 

Our cat recipes contain 87%-90% premium animal ingredients, including wild-caught whole Mackerel, Southern Blue Whiting, Hoki, and Sardines — all sourced from the South Pacific Ocean and Sub-Antarctic waters surrounding New Zealand’s coastline. These fish species are known for their Omega-3 fatty acids that support overall skin health and a luxuriant, glossy coat.

How to feed: ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is a nutritionally complete and balanced food. It can be fed as a nutrient-dense full feed or as a base topped with ZIWI Peak Air-dried Original Series to further boost nutrition. It can also be mixed with the ZIWI Peak canned wet range for additional texture and variety. 

ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is launching in the US and Canada in April and will be available in many of our retailers that already carry ZIWI recipes.

“At ZIWI, we believe that nature holds the key to everything pets need to thrive,” says Cassidy.  “That’s why our processing methods inspired by nature are gentle, keeping the ingredients as close to their natural state as possible.” 

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