The Best Jerseys From the 2022 FIFA World Cup – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Jerseys

The Best Jerseys From the 2022 FIFA World Cup - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Jerseys
The World Cup is just around the corner, and all the participating teams have already revealed the models they will wear in Qatar 2022. This time several have released three shirts (which will be more common in future editions on FIFA’s recommendation), although the vast majority will continue to use two. Let’s remember that at the time we also made specials for Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen, the first batch of FIFA World Cup™ jerseys is here.

The 2022 edition of the biggest soccer tournament in the world will take place from November 21 to December 18. It is the first FIFA World Cup™ to be held in winter.

As jersey experts, at we are doing what we do for every major MLS tournament and season: breaking down each and every jersey that will be on display at the event. So, buckle up and check out the products.

All FIFA World Cup™ Home Soccer Jerseys Camisetas de Futbol. Illustrations from Keep scrolling for a closer look at each kit.


When Americans play sports, they do it their way. It’s not football, it’s not football, it’s football. It’s not the field, it’s the field and they’re not boots, they’re studs. This is the fearless swagger to be different, to be themselves, to be uniquely and authentically USA, the most dominant sports nation on the planet.

The 22/23 USA Men’s and Women’s National Team jerseys Camisetas de Futbol Baratas are inspired by American sports done the American way. The dueling Swoosh on each sleeve is most often found on NFL jerseys, the centered federation shield sits in the same place as team logos in the NBA, and finally, the chassis cut and sewn around clavicle runs in the same way as NHL jerseys This USA home jersey may be simple in design, but it’s uniquely American in a way few others are.

Nike took Rose Lavelle’s words to heart and used them to inspire their 22/23 away jersey. “Distance is the bold trendsetter. A reason to do something different”. And so, Nike tried something a little different. This is the Ice Dye Kit – the design recreated from a real ice dye with bright blue, dark obsidian, and red and white tints. Playfully youthful, yet bold in the way it challenges traditional jersey design – this uniform is meant to embody those qualities of both the USMNT and USWNT.


The raglan sleeves are shaded in gradient blue tones on the new England 22/23 Home Shirt from Nike. The colors “Blue Fury” and “Blue Void” have smaller graphic prints on the inside, but they are not paw prints, they are claw marks. The Three Lions roar into action on the world stage this year with one of the strongest teams they have ever fielded. With a white base and blue piping on the sleeves, this is the kit with which they will be announced to the world.

Bold, cheeky, young English style. In a kit that seems to capture the energy of the team itself, Nike launches a striking red-based England shirt with a monochrome crest, blue accents and a perfectly tailored collar on top. When the collar is turned up, again capturing the team’s soft confidence, woven “3 LIONS” is revealed at the bottom. A simple away jersey, but surely one of the best on display in Qatar and beyond.


Family: France’s 2019 squad featured a unified team of players with heritage from 20 different countries.

Royalty: Soccer royalty and the most recent FIFA World Cup™ champions.

Power: One of the strongest national teams in the world.

These are the qualities that Nike seeks to embody in the simple France 22/23 home shirt. These qualities stem from the design inspiration for the jersey and sleeve cuff graphic: a Toile print by Chene Chappelle. Toile, the French fabric design style, twists the leaves of the Chene Chappelle, a ~1,000 year old chapel-turned-tree in Normandy. The ancient oak tree is known to represent, yes, you guessed it, family, royalty, and power.

In the path; a bold pattern from Nike, yet powerfully customized for French natives: this is “A Pattern for All of France,” and the pattern stretches across the hills, cities, coasts, and lands across the country to recreate iconic symbols. What you see on the jersey are not abstract distortions “inspired” by something: these are the literal images of the Arc de Triomphe, of French botanists and roosters, of vines, of footballers. This is France in the most literal sense, in a disruptive jersey design that continues to set Nike kits apart.


The ruffles and flowing orange hues across the Nike Netherlands 22/23 Home Shirt are representative of the nation’s and federation’s foremost representative: the lion. A lion’s mane design encapsulates an unreserved group of players who aren’t shy about expressing themselves and showing off their strength. Show yours and support your country this winter and beyond.

The Netherlands is becoming a world-renowned street fashion and cultural hub – just look at what brands like Daily Paper and PATTA have done on the fashion and football scene so far. Both brands and their work serve as the backdrop and inspiration for the Netherlands 22/23 away shirt you see here. A classic look that’s obsessed with details in a clean, deep royal blue.


This FIFA World Cup™, Denmark took the opportunity to say something.

Speaking out against the human rights violations surrounding Qatar and the tournament they plan to host, the Danish Football Federation opted for muted football shirts Camisetas Futbol Baratas at this FIFA World Cup™.

There is no need for these players or this country to attract attention. There’s no need for them to hog the spotlight. How could they, when this tournament came at such a high cost? How could they, when so many still face discrimination in Qatar and beyond? This is more than a game. This is real life and history is what we do now.


With the new Brazil 22/23 home shirt, Nike invites you to Veste a Garra, or Wear the Claw. And the symbolism is evident as Onca Knit (spotted knit) resembles that of Brazil’s national animal, the jaguar. The dots are weighted: darker in places where players sweat the most and lighter in other places. Meanwhile, on the away jersey, the dots have been moved to the sleeves, making way for the traditional bright blue colors we expect to see on Brazil’s away jerseys.

But Veste a Garra is double; the double meaning of Garra is that the Brazilian slang term can also mean resistant, sandy and hard. With this new home jersey, Nike hopes to embody and embolden all of Brazil with those qualities as they take on this winter’s trials on the world’s biggest stage.


After a big win, club or country, players jog onto the pitch with their families and teammates, each draped in their respective country’s local flag. The new Portugal 22/23 Home Shirt mimics those moments, using the diagonal angle to replicate the hanging flags of the victors, of the champions. Wear yours as Portugal chases these moments this winter and beyond.

The away jersey; whitish. Like a ship that sails under the scorching sun for too long, like a differentiator in a sea of similarities. With a tinted white colorway and design inspired by ships’ sails, Nike taps into Portugal’s nautical roots and history as a nation of explorers and sailors. The Portuguese federation was not a fan of this jersey design when Nike first released it. But when they realized that off-white made their club stand out in an ocean of boring white away jerseys, it was a no-brainer.


This home kit hits to the core. National identity, pride: the light blue and white stripes have to do with tradition and keep the Argentine nation at the center of its design. This is iconic adidas simplicity, these are sleek black details, like the back of the jersey, which is meant to capture the look of the stripes when a fan slings the flag on their shoulders and walks proudly into the next matchday. Join that march and represent Argentina in this new home top.

Along the way, adidas boldly takes things in a whole new direction that we’ve never seen before for Abiceleste. Argentina looks to perform well while sending an important message: the purple colorway you see here is the international color for women’s rights, as both adidas and the Argentine national team seek to promote a powerful cause. The rising rays of the kit’s hem are a coded interpretation of Argentina’s national flag, and that same sun can be found on the inside of the collar as a custom signature. An impressive kit with added meaning; well done t-shirt design


Reimagined for a new era, this throwback look of Switzerland’s new FIFA World Cup™ home shirt pays tribute to the generation of players who brought Switzerland back to the biggest stages of world football in the mid-1950s. nineties, with a design and prints similar to the ’93 and ’98 Editions.

Since that renaissance, they remain on world stages year after year, and after their run at Euro 2020, one can only wonder what awaits the Swiss this year.

For the away jersey, we enjoyed the Swiss version of PUMA’s latest template design. The center chest crest will shine bright in this upcoming tournament, as PUMA uses national motifs to inspire the crests as they sit in the middle of each new away jersey.


Quite possibly the winner among all the Baratsas Soccer Jerseys camisetas Futbol Baratsas on 22/23, Germany get two hits for their big tournament this winter.

Speed is the name of the game. Then Gnabry, Gosens, Sane and Werner will feel right at home with this kit. The racing stripe-inspired Germany 22/23 Home Shirt comes equipped with royal gold detailing and a centered logo application. On the inside of the collar, a lettering that reads “die mannschaft” with four stars printed above. On the outside, pure class, and the best the Germans have looked in years.

On the Germany 22/23 Away Shirt, adidas seeks to communicate the speed and excitement of the game in the form of graphic design through the use of dynamic interlocking golden lines that recreate the letter ‘D’, of course, for Deutschland. With a bold black and gold color palette that pays homage to the nation’s flag and an inside neck lettering reading “die mannschaft” with four stars printed above, this is another Germany kit to remember.


A red home jersey, a white away jersey and a black third jersey make up the 2022 range of Canada, the new CONCACAF champions. These kits are already iconic and historic, as the boys from the north have qualified for their first FIFA World Cup™ since 1986. Be a part of that history and celebrate Canada’s triumph in these Canada 2022 jerseys from Nike.


Another clever take on adidas: Japan home and away alike come inspired by the ancient art of origami.

On the home jersey, adidas and Japan bring a legend to life. This origami crane-inspired home jersey design is a blessing: a wish for good luck and everlasting happiness, just like the person destined to find 1000 origami cranes. In Japanese folklore, the person who makes this discovery is granted a wish, as the crane is a spiritual and mythological icon in the land of the rising sun. With a Japanese flag on the inside of the collar and a legendary custom design, Japan will be in good hands this year.

Meanwhile, adidas incorporates another origami-inspired design: taking a fresh and futuristic approach, adidas turns its attention to what is known as the anaglyph effect used in the three-dimensional design. Blues and reds combine with origami folds to create what meets the eye as a 3D effect, bringing this away jersey to life in a way few kits can boast.


Inspired by kits from ’98 and ’02, this Spain home kit from adidas aims for iconic simplicity. With a classic kit as their symbol, Spain unites to conquer the world stage this year, and with adidas branding on the shoulders of the kit for the first time in 18 years, they are ready to make their mark.

What they will wear on the world stage this year is inspired by the only time in history they have hosted a FIFA World Cup™. The Spain 22/23 Away Shirt is vintage 1982 in every way, with a bold, eye-catching look that oozes style. The all-over print is inspired by the design of the official logo of the 1982 tournament, while the blue colourway pays homage to the blue jersey worn by Spain in that same competition. The colors of the Spanish flag are arranged on the three shoulder stripes, and Spain is now kitted out and ready to shine.


The Uruguayans, the original golden generation of world soccer, brought home the first FIFA World Cup™ and then followed it up with another victory 12 years later. This kit reflects those that came before with gold details and a design that recalls the minimalist vibes of soccer. First days.

Pay homage to the original golden generation with this throwback jersey inspired by the team’s winning record on the world stage since 1924.

Soccer meets folklore in the PUMA 22/23 National Team Federation uniforms. Its bold design language reinterprets motifs from sport, culture, nature and more to make each jersey a statement for your federation roster. This is the Uruguayan interpretation with a powerful and stoic chest shield that stands its ground.


When the Croatian football federation asks you to, you comply. Croatian players, fans and residents longed to return to a stronger, whiter home jersey for their beloved nation. Nike delivered, with more white space for the jersey to breathe, surrounded by smaller, more discreet checks. Different scales allow for a central placement on the chest of the Nike Swoosh and federation crest. While still keeping parts of what made their previous Croatia kits so great, Nike have created something completely new – and completely memorable – here in the Croatia 22/23 Home Shirt.

This is the energy and passion of Croatia in the 22/23 away shirt: Nike brings Croatian “Zabava” to life, a good time, a party. Using blue laser squares on a blackened blue background, the kits give the impression of movement, dynamic energy and fluid speed. A hint of the home jersey is present, with a design that allowed Zabava a bit of freedom. A classic away jersey.

All the official products of the 2022 World Cup at Official jerseys, training clothes, tracksuits, kits, sets and much more.

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