The Best Electric Skateboards To Cruise or Commute in 2023

The Best Electric Skateboards To Cruise or Commute in 2023
Best E-skateboard Veymax X3
Veymax electric skateboards open up a whole new world of opportunities: You can ride faster, further, off-road, up-hill, and you can experience that endless carving sensation all without breaking a sweat.

Electric skateboard company has just launched a new high-performance electric skateboard called Veymax X3. Veymax is not only dedicated to making electric skateboards but also wants to bring e-skating back to its non-motorized cultural roots.

These days, electric skateboards tend to be for short trips, whether commuting around campus or traveling between work and home. They are proving to be a popular new mode of transportation, offering speed and power comparable to electric bicycles in a portable form factor.

With a new wave of skaters experimenting with electric skateboards who have never gotten on a non-powered board before, the Veymax X3 jumps on that bandwagon without neglecting its skating roots to deliver a board that’s perfect for beginners.

Thanks to a pair of 500w electric motors, Veymax X3 has a top speed of up to 29mph (46km/h). Dual hub-drive motors could deliver exciting performance or a maximum range of 18 miles (28 kilometers), but probably not both. Slowing down by using a lower speed mode can help increase the range, which may be wise for more novice riders.

The SAMSUNG 21700 40T battery comes in a 10S2P configuration, divided into modules that are distributed across the base of a 37.8-inch long Canadian maple plank, providing a more natural bend that mimics typical non-electric longboards. The top of the deck features a retro-looking display that puts relevant ride data right at your toes. You know when you’re riding at 29 mph, where you set your sights is quickly within reach.

The Veymax X3 is currently up for pre-order for just $599, and there’s a $100 off coupon when you buy it now.

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