The benefits of using a deep violet glass jar when storing cosmetics

“Bio” means life in Greek, and “Photon” means light. According to biphotonic research, measuring the biphotonic output of food or supplements is a more accurate measure of mass and the nature of life. The human body absorbs photons of sunlight through the eyes, skin, and the rich nutrients of sunlight. Since natural products absorb solar energy, the improvement of photon level is an important symbol of product vitality and quality.

Dark Violet Glass Jar With Plastic Lid15

Because many of today’s products are processed and often contain preservatives, they contain almost no biological photons. These products do not contain the energy levels that are beneficial to living cells. Violet glass could also act as a barrier to prevent products stored inside from losing biological photons, making preservatives less necessary. Violet glass is the only known glass that provides this important protection, ensuring that smells, colors, bioenergy and other features of your product last longer.

Tests have shown that products stored in violet glass retain their unique qualities over long periods of time, sometimes even years. The earlier a product is consumed, the better, because it still benefits from the energy-enhancing properties of violet glass. Found amazing preservation effect when using violet glass. There have been experiments where the same living plants were placed in glass bottles, brown glass bottles and violet glass bottles, and apparently the plants in the violet glass jars were better preserved.

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