‘The Belt of Orion: Nibiru Rising’ Honored as Finalist by American Book Fest, 2017 Best Book Awards

November 22nd , 2017 – ‘The Belt of Orion: Nibiru Rising’ by science fiction author J. R. Brienza is now going places. The fictional account of Planet X or Nibiru has been honored as a finalist in the prestigious American Book Fest, 2017 Best Book awards in the Fiction, Science Fiction category.

Tabloid talk show host Kelly Ramirez is achieves at Emmy glory through a televised investigation into Planet X, or Nibiru, oblivious to what is to follow suit. The alien inhabited planet is wreaking havoc with Earth, and as she warns viewers of the tragedy to come, Kelly is dragged down a treacherous path. Likewise, Rachael Ryan never imagined how her simple life will be thrown into chaos by the far away planet. Rachael’s father soon falls prey to a mysterious tragedy, revealing for the first time how Planet X isn’t what anyone previously thought.

J. R. Brienza weaves an engrossing tale woven around some of the most pertinent mysteries of today, including alien life, the origin of mankind and the fate of Earth as space technology advances to make contact with planets in and beyond the solar system.

The American Book Fest, 2017 awards saw enthusiastic participation from over two thousand publishers and authors, both indie and mainstream. As a finalist, ‘The Belt of Orion: Nibiru Rising’ now expects to receive global exposure to its fantastic tale.

Based out of Pittsburgh, Brienza’s work has previously been honored by the Mill City Press 2017 Author Awards, taking up second place for works of science fiction, and has been featured on Hollywood Talk Radio K4HD, Dishing With Judith. J. R. Brienza is a designer and contractor by profession, creating unique ‘worlds’ for her clients. Her lifelong passion for outer space spills over in her fiction worlds that ignite the reader’s imagination on the various possibilities that still lie unexplored.

For more information, please visit: www.jrbrienza.com

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