The basic Introduction Of FSC Bamboo Series

  • FSC-Bamboo-Series

Product Series: Our full range of bamboo makeup packaging includes bamboo lipstick tubes, bamboo lip gloss tubes, bamboo mascara tubes, bamboo eyeliner tubes, bamboo eyeshadow palettes, bamboo lipstick palettes, bamboo blush palettes, bamboo loose powder boxes, bamboo make up mirrors, bamboo Lid squeeze hose, bamboo lid cream bottle, bamboo lid perfume bottle, bamboo lid cleaning pump bottle, etc., all capacities can be customized.

Eco-friendly materials: The bamboo material is FSC certified bamboo, and after natural carbonization treatment, the bamboo is not easy to mold and deform, and the product can be used for a long timeļ¼Œ100% biodegraable.

Product structure: All the bamboo series cosmetic packaging materials we produce and develop are replaceable structures, which are environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable, and bring sales to the brand’s innovative sales model.

Product accuracy: Due to the special nature of bamboo and wood materials, this type of material is easy to absorb moisture due to changes in the weather, making it difficult to control the size of the material. Through years of research and development, our company has solved this problem from the product structure and customized machine production. The tolerance of the finished product can be controlled within ±0.1mm, reaching the highest quality in the bamboo and wood product industry.

Customized service: We can provide free design solutions and proofing according to your needs. The materials can be selected from bamboo and different woods. We can provide you with effective packaging solutions according to specific styles. The surface technology of the products can achieve different effects according to the needs of the brand side. These include laser engraving, laser, thermal transfer printing, 3D, silk screen printing, etc.

Samples: Free samples can be provided for the styles in stock, and basic fees need to be charged for the samples that need to be made. The sample proofing time is about 7-10 days, and it takes about 14 days for special process requirements. The cost of the samples can be paid by you The sample fee will be returned to you after the order is confirmed. Usually the proofing of bamboo does not require you to charge for the mold. If it involves the mold opening of the plastic part, you need to charge the mold fee for the plastic part. If you use the existing plastic part model, no mold fee is required.

Sample transportation: The customer needs to provide detailed information such as the courier account and the recipient to send the sample. If you do not have a courier account, we need to charge the actual sample delivery fee, and we will complete all the delivery documents related to the sample ensure the on time arrival of the sample. Genurally, it takes 3 days to arrive by air to Europe, 4 days to arrive by air to the United States, and 2 days to arrive in Southeast Asia.

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