The basic Introduction Of Colour Fractional Weight Plates

Short Description:

Made in ChinaProduct Code : YLY – XZPProduct size : 0.25-0.5-0.75-1lb or 0.25kg 0.5kg 0.75kg 1kgDiameter : 11cmThickness : 0.5cm 1cm 1.5cm 2cm


Product Name Colour Fractional Weight Plates
Material Steel /Iron
Colour Red Blue Green Black White
Type Fractional Weight Plates
Packing Carton With Wood Palltes




  • Why do we use smaller weights and more reps when we train?

With the popularity of the Internet and the advocacy of national fitness, a lot of people walk into the gym, no longer a single treadmill but start strength training, which is a very good phenomenon. When doing barbell training, especially when you need to add weight, many people are sad, especially novice, because they are afraid of injury, for the sake of physical health and hurt themselves is not worth the cost.

Such thoughts are quite normal, and we will talk about them today. It is common to see people on the Internet saying that strength training should be done with heavy weights to show their manliness, so for those who are afraid to add weight in the pursuit of strength, here are a few suggestions.

Started training at the most, is the easiest way to become strong, each time when you can be in a few more weight than last time, if you have the right training methods, the power of your skills and balance will be stronger and stronger stability, this will only happen with new, first effect is very significant, in the back, however, with the progress of you, You will get stronger and stronger.

If you want to make progress, you have to force yourself to become stronger, to overcome laziness and weak willpower. But if you’re in your comfort zone all the time it’s hard to improve without making it harder, and you need a point to push you and make you better.

Of course, not everyone is interested in the 500 pound squat, and most people are not interested in the world powerlifting record. But here’s the question: why do you lift iron, and why do you choose to lift iron? Some people are content with their current strength level, but most people want to become stronger and more in shape. While we also enjoy doing things we couldn’t do before, self-discipline and persistence make us more proud.

It can be scary when you start trying to carry more weight than you did last time, but we beat ourselves up and proved that we are stronger physically and mentally than we were before. The reason why we are nervous in front of a big weight is that we are afraid of getting hurt if we challenge the weight, but we still choose to do it and do it. It’s just like any other adventure in life. If you fear it but face it anyway, it becomes something that doesn’t hurt you but makes you stronger.

So when you put on a lot of weight, just focus on the standard and the technique, don’t think about injury, and be confident in your ability. If your movements have been standard and your plan is clear so far, then don’t worry too much. Progress will happen sooner or later. Confidence makes power, and power builds confidence.

You need to start with a weight that you can control, and once it turns out that you can lift it, add more weight the next time. This is the only way to increase your strength, which requires a fixed mindset and perseverance to complete each movement.

If you’ve been lifting iron long enough, your chances of getting injured will increase, and if you continue to train after an injury, remember your injury and learn from it so that you can become stronger next time. If all you want to do is avoid injury, it’s almost impossible to lift iron, and keeping the fear of injury from ruining your training schedule won’t make you stronger.


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