The Bariatric Clinic, Delhi’s Leading Bariatric Surgery Provider

The Bariatric Clinic treats people who suffer from obesity and are looking for safe bariatric surgery in Delhi. This clinic has handled a lot of people with weight loss surgery and obesity.

As a certified bariatric doctor in Delhi, Dr. Rajat Ahluwalia is highly experienced in an array of weight loss surgery procedures, which include gastric banding, gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy surgery. He also has many years of experience doing revision bariatric surgery for people who failed to obtain their desired weight loss or experienced complications with the initial weight loss procedure. What is more, he uses the less-invasive approach to bariatric surgery, provided that fact that it medically fits for the patient.

Individuals suffering from obesity in Delhi often suffer weight-related psychological and physical limitations. Once patients start losing the excess weight with the assistance of bariatric surgery, they begin to notice a development, not just in their wellbeing, but in their overall health too.

A lot of obese people suffer health issues due to obesity, called as co-morbidities. This includes heart disease, type II diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and many others. If taken for granted, this can be life-threatening. Fortunately, with successful bariatric surgery, many patients are now capable of resolving their co-morbid health issues.  The Bariatric Clinic has treatments for obesity which can really help.

Obesity can also take a grave toll on an individual’s psychological health. Obese people might have low confidence and experience depression. Thankfully losing weight with bariatric surgery in Delhi can assist obese people to live happy and fulfilling lives. Leading a happier, healthier and fulfilling life often results in an improvement in an individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

The journey toward better health and happy, fulfilling life aren’t always easy, but Dr. Rajat Ahluwalia and the team of experts at The Bariatric Clinic are always available to help. They are committed to helping their patients achieve their weight loss objectives and maintain a perfect body weight so they can experience the augmented quality of life that accompanies making hearty lifestyle choices.

To assists patients in Delhi accomplish these aims, The Bariatric Clinic provides a comprehensive weight loss plan that extends beyond the operating room.  Every Delhi bariatric surgery patient gets a detailed preoperative screening, thorough information regarding the procedure, nutrition advice, exercise education, follow-up schedule as well as psychological counseling, as required.

The Bariatric Clinic has received lots of positive reviews and feedback from their patients. While most of their patients reside in Delhi, other visits the clinic from other places of Delhi and beyond. Please visit for more details. They provide top quality care for weight loss surgery patients.

How much can Bariatric Surgery cost in Delhi? For more details, please contact us by calling the Bariatric Clinic at +91- 9990132717 and look for Dr. Rajat Ahluwalia.

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