The Baby Home Kit is About to be Born – World’s First Affordable, At Home, Assisted Reproduction

Oct 7, 2016 – Munich, Germany – The Baby Home Kit company announced today that they have created the world’s first affordable assisted reproduction procedure which couples can perform at home.

Dr. Marion Vollmer, co-Founder of the company, and inventor of the recently patented Baby Home Kit, says “50 million couples worldwide suffer from infertility and most of them can’t afford fertility treatment in a clinic, so our goal is to give them an option that only costs about 50 euros per kit.”

The announcement is the culmination of several years of research by Dr. Vollmer at the University of Toronto and, more recently, at her own lab in Munich, Germany; which led to the invention of the Baby Home Kit. The centerpiece of the Kit is a matchbox-sized device with a sophisticated and intricate series of channels that sperm must swim through and up. The net result being purified sperm. For the last 40 years, sperm purification could only be performed in clinics, but the invention of a home purification device was the breakthrough that led to the Baby Home Kit.

Daniel Wilson is the other co-Founder of Baby Home Kit. He says, “This is a historical first because the fertility industry has mostly focused on the female side of things, but Marion chose to focus on the male side. Solve the sperm issue was her goal and that is what she has done.”

Vollmer continues on to say, “The device should revolutionize the fertility industry because it will lead to a complete democratization of treatment. It will no longer just be for the affluent. Which makes us very happy. We get heartbreaking emails from couples all over the world who desperately need something like this.”

Wilson adds, “Our slogan is ‘Dare to Dream Again’ and it’s not just empty marketing: couples who can’t conceive have given up hope of ever having children, and we’re going to give that hope back to them so they can once again dream of a family that includes children.”

The Kit is currently in the final prototyping phase and is about to enter clinical testing before regulatory approval. The company is launching pre-sales of the Kit in London at the Fertility Show on Nov 5-6 during National Fertility Awareness Week in the UK. “We’ve financed everything ourselves for a few years, but to get this to market we need more money now, so it is the perfect time and occasion to launch,” says Vollmer.

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