The ‘Auto Negotiator’ Reveals the Secrets to Getting the Best Deals When Buying a New Car in 2020

In 2020, anyone searching for a new car in 2020 and who wishes to save valuable money should be introduced to Mr. Brian Epstein, the “Auto Negotiator”. The best deals and discounts are just waiting to happen with Brian’s personalized service, an incomparable automotive industry experience of over a decade with a nationwide network of over 200 dealerships.

The car buying experience today has evolved greatly. Buying a new car can be much like ordering a favorite product from an online store, thanks to the presence of auto negotiators. This is especially true for luxury cars and the topline vehicles. The best deals happen when auto brokers or negotiators are roped in to close the deals with some smart and savvy conversations! 

Brian’s car sale negotiation service is easy to understand and even easier to use. Auto buyers, and that includes those wanting to buy the latest sports cars and luxury vehicles, simply visit the site and fill out a request form and pay a small search fee. That’s all that is required for Brian to spring into action and start contacting all relevant auto dealerships in the buyer’s region and neighborhoods. This car sales negotiation service is just one of its kind for its reach and network and has helped save car buyers across America thousands of dollars or more, which is why more recently Brian Gets Cars has seen an increase in demand for the most savvy of car buyers. 

Negotiations begin as soon as the right car or vehicle has been found. The aim is to get to as low a price as possible, to get just the absolute best deal. The buyer is then sent a deal sheet with all important information in place. The entire process may take up to seven days, and the price is usually locked down in just around 72 hours.

Car buyers can get hold of their wanted vehicle in no time with the help of a link to the dealer’s credit application. Brian will also schedule the appointment to pick up the vehicle or have it home delivered. 

Not only did Brian help me decide on a car I love, he also saved me $7,000 in just one day! I’ll never lease another car without him. Well worth his fee,” says a recent client.

For those wondering how a car broker like Brian differs from car sale negotiators, the real deal lies in the fees. Car brokers or car buying services work only in the best interest of the buyer, and get them the absolute best prices and interest rates or the best trade-in deals. Automotive brokers, on the other hand, are licensed and bonded dealers who do the same work, but also take fees from dealers as well, usually settling for the first quote they receive from their favorite dealer. More details can be gained by visiting car brokers vs. car sales negotiators. – The Auto Negotiator has great information and tips on buying cars online. For instance, visitors will learn the true nature of online car selling business (it’s a tech business run by the Millennials), and how online car dealerships can extract more money and even take a down payment before a test drive.

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