The Attkisson Law Firm a “Heavy Hitting” Car Accident Attorney in Dayton

Kevin Attkisson Helps Victims of Auto Accidents Get the Compensation They Deserve

A severe injury resulting from a car accident can leave a person feeling singled out and alone.   They wonder why they had to be the one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.   The reality is that they are far from being the only one who must go through the devastating physical and emotional impact of being in an accident.   Someone in this country is injured in a car accident about every ten seconds.   Not only can the physical injuries they sustain have a lifelong impact; so can the mental anguish of reliving the accident every time they get into a vehicle.  

There are many ways the impact from an automobile accident can continue to affect the person’s life.   Kevin Attkisson is an experienced car accident attorney in Dayton with a long history of helping clients get the compensation they deserve for their injuries when they were caused by another driver.   Whether an injury makes it physically impossible for the person to get to work and perform the duties of their job or the memory of the accident has prevented them from being emotionally capable of driving, they deserve justice for the impact the accident has caused.  

The Attkisson Law Firm knows has the experience as an auto accident attorney in Dayton to provide the best possible representation in each case.   Attorney Kevin Attkisson is familiar with the challenges that insurance companies put forward to try and discredit a claimant’s injuries.   He will document their injuries and counter the claims by the insurance company that they were pre-existing to get the best outcome for every individual.  

No one is ever prepared for the consequences a car accident can cause.   They never realize until it happens that they will need an auto accident attorney in Dayton with a proven track record to help them get a fair settlement.   When the unexpected happens, The Attkisson Law Firm will provide them with the guidance and “heavy hitting” tactics needed to get the justice and compensation they will need to live as normal a life as possible going forward.

About Attkisson Law Firm

Attkisson Law Firm is a personal injury law firm serving the greater Dayton, Ohio area.   Attorney Kevin Attkisson has handled thousands of cases and recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.   His expertise in dealing with insurance companies and an in-depth understanding of personal injury law makes him the best choice during a frustrating and confusing time.   The Attkisson Law Firm is a 2016 “10 Best” rated law firm by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and they are “The Heavy Hitters” that clients need to win against insurance companies.

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