The Application Of Aluminum Bodies for Some Carmakers

Aluminum has become an excellent material for some carmakers. Cars with aluminum bodies have great potential to improve fuel economy, impact resistance and handling. Many automakers around the world see the future of aluminum bodies and believe that this material will promote the development of the automobile industry

Aluminum plate is formed in the same way as steel plate, heating the rod to 538 degrees Celsius and rolling between the two rollers to give it a flat shape. From this moment on, these preliminary preparations will be carried out in many ways, either from under the lemonade to the can or as a material for making cars, the process is the same, the only difference is the change in chemical composition. The light metals used in the automotive industry can contain up to 15 different aluminum alloys and are reinforced with copper and silicon.

Aluminum is not easy to weld. The alumina on the surface of the material can easily absorb gas, thus forming a gap in the weld, thus weakening the weld. Instead, aluminum plates used high-strength bonding and self-penetrating rivets.

With the development of technology, automakers have turned to new processes, reassembled assembly lines, replaced standard spot welding with a new type of laser welding, and invested millions of dollars in the renewal of the conveyor. Rivet is a new and old element, when the curtain is fixed on the car, the welding process has deviated from most of the application fields on the assembly line.

They pierce the metal surface without heating, sparks and soot. But they will firmly secure the components by spot welding, buy new equipment at a lower cost, and update the metal’s assembly line with expensive welding robots. Riveting has another important advantage: the robot can easily determine the accuracy of the rivet position, which has a very positive impact on the quality of work. Fix the fasteners of these elements by drilling holes in several aluminum plates and fixing them together in the process. The screw will generate heat in the process of rotation and when several pieces of material pass through, and heating will cause the metal to expand. As it cools, the hole narrows, tightens the screws, and forms a very strong connection. This fastener technology is mainly used by European automakers. Its advantages are cheap, simple, and do not need to install expensive new equipment.

Since aluminum is not magnetized, car companies have to replace their assembly equipment. Use a vacuum grip instead of a magnetic grip to carry parts made of metal. In addition, the advantages of aluminum car production have been noted, reducing chaos in assembly workshops with equipment. Compared with the traditional clumsy focus welder, the equipment for aluminum processing is more compact. More space, less noise. It becomes easier for engineers to work in a factory under such circumstances.

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