Thanesix.Com, a Dog-Only Website Provides Helpful Guides on Nutrition and Canine Care

Thanesix.Com, a Dog-Only Website Provides Helpful Guides on Nutrition and Canine Care

December 8, 2020 – Dog lovers looking for crucial information related to pet care can now visit, a website dedicated to dogs and is a valuable guide on knowledge and maintenance of canines. The website is a friendly dog guide manual that provides well curated articles on canine nutrition, grooming, and health care. is a complete one-stop-shop that pet owners will find particularly useful.

Dogs may be man’s best friend but a human’s food is not. In taking care of dogs, people often do the wrong thing such as feeding a dog off the table with human food detrimental to a dog’s health. Moreover, the most searched query regarding dogs is nutrition-based questions like can dogs eat dog butter? or can dog eat coconut? or maybe even apple? Giving a dog the wrong food or wring fruits can be unhealthy to the extent of being toxic.

Answering such queries and even more is a website that offers a huge array of content covering all a dog lover needs to know about dogs. The website contains six categories covering Breeds, Foods, Dog Names, Care and Tips & Tricks. Thanesix provides extensive information about the various breeds of dogs and their characteristics that could be important factors to consider when adopting or buying a pet.

The website’s Name category is a unique one that offers some cute and trendy name suggestions for dogs. Dog Care and Tips and Tricks provides DIY routines and how-to articles on grooming, oral care, health and hygiene for example, how does one cut a dog’s nails? Or how to cut a dog’s hair? Such things aren’t easy when catering to canines and often needs professional intervention. Thanesix shows a user the right tools and the right way to go about maintaining and caring for a canine.

Most importantly, it is nutrition that is the most important part of maintaining a dog. For a canine’s coat to shine, for it to be energetic, active and healthy, nutrition plays a big role and Thanesix outlines important guidelines on what to give or not give a dog. It also provides helpful information on dog diets related to breed.

Dog lovers would benefit by making a ready reference on how to take care of a dog. Besides being a complete dog guide, the website contains news, trivia and entertaining information making it a complete world of dogs.

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