Tessia-Yasmine Ladas’ New Book “Today Ended An Hour Ago,” is a Fictional Masterpiece that Follows the Enthralling Story of a Young Lady from San Francisco

The newly launched book, “Today Ended An Hour Ago: The Art of Impersonating Yourself,” promises to be a captivating and refreshing book as Tessia-Yasmine exerts her literary prowess into making the book a thorough delight

Young author Tessia-Yasmine Ladas is pleased to announce the launch of her debut novel titled “Today Ended An Hour Ago: The Art of Impersonating Yourself.” The book is a gripping work of fiction based on true events. It follows the story of Teaha, a young girl who, shortly after moving to San Francisco, finds herself fleeing the police with her mother and sister. Forced to make a choice, Teaha must either stay and face social torment and media scrutiny or disappear into anonymity.

In “Today Ended An Hour Ago,” Tessia-Yasmine explores the duality of freedom and imprisonment, as Teaha struggles to maintain her identity in the face of challenges. The book delves into the impact of childhood trauma and the ways in which society’s expectations can fracture one’s sense of self. As Teaha navigates the complexities of her situation, she is forced to grapple with questions of loyalty, virtue, and the role that others cast for her.

The novel is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of independence. As Teaha confronts the weight of her past and seeks to establish a sense of normality, she is faced with moments of reprieve that challenge her to embrace who she truly is. Tessia-Yasmine’s writing is poignant and thought-provoking, exposing society’s transparent behaviors and raising important questions about the nature of trust.

“Today Ended An Hour Ago” is a must-read for anyone who has experienced childhood trauma or struggled to establish a sense of independence in the face of societal expectations. Tessia-Yasmine’s debut novel is undeniably a powerful work of fiction that explores the complexities of the human experience with grace and sensitivity.

The book is available for purchase now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Don’t miss out on this remarkable debut novel and the compelling story of Teaha’s journey to find herself and establish her independence.

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About Author

Tessia-Yasmine Ladas is a 24-year-old author who splits her time between living in a small town in Europe, modeling, working with Collective Aid, an NGO that supports people on the move, and free diving. She wrote “Today Ended An Hour Ago” as a reflection of her own personal experiences growing up in the US, with the hope that her readers can learn from her mistakes and experiences.

Tessia-Yasmine is a talented writer with a passion for storytelling and a unique perspective on life. Her writing is fresh and original, and she has a gift for creating characters that are both relatable and engaging. Whether she is writing about her own experiences or exploring the complexities of the human experience, Tessia-Yasmine’s writing is always thoughtful and thought-provoking.

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