Tessa Stowe Reveals the ‘Secret’ Way to Boost and Strengthen the Immune System

On a recent training, Tessa Stowe talked about a strong immune system being the best defence against invaders in the body like the current coronavirus. Tessa said now is the time to boost and strengthen your immune system and there are many immune-boosting foods you can eat. However, unless you know this ‘secret’, and you act on it, consuming immune-boosting foods will not be effective.

According to Tessa Stowe, immune-boosting foods will only boost and strengthen your immune system if your immune system is switched ON.  If it’s switched OFF, these nutrients will be used elsewhere in the body.

Tessa went on to explain by saying your body has two states: The Threat State and the Health State.

When your body is in the Threat State, it focuses on surviving the immediate threat and it switches off systems that are not considered essential for immediate survival.  One of the systems that is switched OFF is your immune system. Hence, when your body is in the Threat State, the nutrients from immune-boosting foods are diverted away from your immune system and are used for immediate survival purposes instead.

In answer to the question: ‘What tells your body what state to be in and therefore what systems to switch on and off?’ Tessa replied, “Your emotions do. Your emotions get converted by the brain into chemical messengers which tell the body which systems to switch ON or OFF.  When you are stressed or are experiencing negative emotions, those emotions get converted into chemical messengers that switch your immune system OFF, so the energy can be used elsewhere for immediate survival. Conversely, when you have happy emotions, the resulting chemical messengers switch your immune system ON.”

Tessa went on to say that the good news is that you can acquire Happiness as a SuperPower and as a result be in the driver’s seat with generating happy emotions and switching ON your immune system.  Plus, you can even acquire Happiness as a SuperPower when you are stressed, anxious, unhealthy or depressed like Tessa was.

The fact that you need to ensure your immune system is switched ON, particularly when you are consuming immune-boosting foods is a ‘secret.’ Sadly, most are not aware of it.

Tessa’s training video explains this in more detail.  In the training video she also gives three habits to generate happy emotions.  One of them you can go just before eating.

You can watch the video here.

About Tessa Stowe:

Tessa Stowe helps people acquire Happiness as a SuperPower, particularly after a loss. With Happiness as a SuperPower you can be in the driver’s seat with generating happy emotions and with switching on your immune system.  Tessa is also a Tiny Habits Certified Coach and uses that method to turn Happiness SuperPower exercises into habits.

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