Teori Egitim: Istanbul’s Consultancy Helping Turkish Students For A Decade

October 7, 2016 – Teori Egitim is a consultancy agency in for Turkish students to enable them in studying abroad. Located in Istanbul, Turkey the agency was founded in 2006 and has facilitated many Turkish students to build their careers in this decade. The main consultancy service offered by Teori Egitim is to send Turkish students abroad for learning English and French language courses. Teori Egitim offers a wide range of services to students of all ages as well as the common people.

Teori Egitim is developing and expanding since a decade and is a well-respected counselor for the Turkish people, particularly students. For students, the Istanbul-based consultancy specializes in the study of languages abroad. These languages include English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. It also facilitates the students in attending summer schools abroad. This particular service is also offered to teenagers ranging from the ages of six to eighteen.

The consultancy also offers services for students to attend short-term certificates along with the diploma courses for the students as well as the student exchange programs. For postgraduate and undergraduate students, the university placement programs are also organized and facilitated. Those Turkish students who wish to transfer their credit hours to overseas universities or those who want to have a semester abroad are also facilitated.

Our vision is to provide enhanced opportunities for Turkish students to study abroad and further their educational and language ambitions.” Says Mr. Erdinc Y. Kilboz. The other services provided are fundamentally all kinds of complex learning solutions. The consultancy strives hard for the students to develop their intellectual capital and increase their productivity and performance in the professional life.

Teori Egitim has benefited hundreds of students in the past decade. The website has several testimonials of many successful and happy Turkish students who availed the services. Turkish students are academically diverse and being a culturally learned and rich nation; Turkish are very much into learning foreign languages particularly English and French. The consultancy has sent many students to France, Britain and other parts of the world to enhance their learning capacities and make them better scholars. The diversity in the services offered by the consultancy is rich and many people have taken advantage of the services.


For more information, visit www.teoriegitim.com

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