Telling One’s Story: The Power of Personal Marketing and Positive Psychology

LaCoya Shelton hosts the next Revolutionary HR Consulting Podcast: Join the Revolution! on the topic of the Power of Personal Marketing and Positive Psychology

“Telling your story” is one of the most important and frequently occurring things individuals do both in their professional and personal lives. The ability to articulate “your story” at various points throughout one’s life and career is an invaluable skill worthy of investing the time to develop. There is power in communications and information sharing; and if a person isn’t involved in shaping the narrative about him or herself, they may not even recognize themselves in it by the time the story is told!

In this inspiring episode, LaCoya Shelton, CEO of Revolutionary HR Consulting discusses the power of personal marketing, positive psychology, faith/spirit and how the principles of quantum physics influence all of this with special guest Gary Recchion, President of Recchion and Associates, a firm that specializes in a results-driven approach to executive coaching where clients across every level and discipline take ownership of their work, find their voice and connect with their passion. Gary has worked with municipalities, universities and businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies such as Honeywell, American Express and IBM. He has designed, written and facilitated corporate career programs to motivate and engage individuals and retain employees, inspiring personal attitudes of success and purpose, and creating organizational climates that value employees and their development. Powerful! Don’t miss this informative and inspiring conversation on this month’s Join the Revolution! Revolutionary HR Consulting podcast.

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