Telecoms Market 2018 Global Industry Key Trends – OTT, M2M, Big Data and the Cloud

“Global Telecoms Industry 2018”
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Global Telecoms Industry – Key Trends – OTT, M2M, Big Data and the Cloud Market 2018

OTT, M2M, Big Data and the Cloud drive the Global Telecoms Industry The broader telecoms environment continues to be very challenging in 2014 and looking towards 2015 there still are many technological, economic and regulatory changes that the industry faces. The market is highly competitive and ruthless with those operating in the telecoms, mobile, broadband, digital media and ICT industries alike all scrambling to retain and build new revenue streams.

Every day hundreds of thousands of new devices, as well as new people, are added to the telecommunications networks that span the globe and there is no indication whatsoever that the demand is going to slow down any time soon – we see it continuing for decades to come. Yet, at the same time, many telcos and ISPs are struggling to maintain their profitability.

This defies economic logic. Market economics will tell you that when demand increases companies are stimulated to build more in order to sell more; and if that doesn’t happen other companies will happily step in to take up the slack and compete for that extra demand. But this is not happening in the telecoms market. Operators are dragging their feet in the building of new infrastructure – in particular new fixed infrastructure such as FttP. In the mobile market also we see great problems on the supply side, with network congestion and network breakdowns.


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The role of external data centres are set to increase with organisations embracing this concept. The data centre market includes tele-housing facilities, co-location facilities, cloud and IT services, content hosting, connectivity and interconnection. They are important for the emerging developments surrounding cloud computing and the Internet of Things (M2M).

Mobile technology and smart devices continue to lead the way and mobile broadband has in fact become the fastest growth area for the overall telecoms sector. This in turn sees the number of Internet users continues to increase as the penetration of both fixed and mobile broadband becomes more accessible around the globe.

While the story for the traditional players in the telecoms market is all about shrinkage, on the other hand we see significant growth in many of the new subsectors of the broader ICT market, which includes cloud computing, data centres and M2M. The big picture reveals that many of the benefits and opportunities for telecommunications stretch far beyond the network and apply to social and economic benefits, healthcare, education, digital economy, businesses, new job creation and the green economy. All of these are potential opportunities and benefits that can be created on top of a robust global telecommunications infrastructure.


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Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points

1. Global Telecoms – A Transforming and Challenging Sector
1.1 The Top Global Trends for Telecoms
1.1.1 Cloud technology
1.1.2 Big Data and Smart Analytics
1.1.3 Data centres
1.1.4 Machine-to-Machine (M2M)
1.1.5 Over-The-Top (OTT) services and content
1.1.6 Further specific trends of note
1.1.7 Conclusion – The demand and supply imbalance in telecoms
1.2 OTT – The normal for the industry
1.2.1 Transforming the telecoms industry
1.2.2 Telcos have already lost the current OTT battle
1.2.3 The demand and supply imbalance in telecoms
1.2.4 Vested interests
1.2.5 The digital business buzzword is also ‘transformation’
1.2.6 What will be driving these new investments?
1.2.7 Hot sectors for OTT services
1.2.8 How to move forward?

2. Global Telecoms – Big Picture Statistics
2.1 Key Global Telecoms Statistics
2.1.1 Key global trends for telcoms industry
2.1.2 Global mobile key statistics
2.1.3 Global Internet key statistics
2.1.4 Global telecommunications expenditure and revenue
2.1.5 Global telecoms traffic
2.1.6 Satellite services
2.1.7 Ranking of top carriers
2.1.8 Conclusions

3. Specific Key Trends and Developments
3.1 M2M; Internet of Everything and Big Data
3.1.1 2014: touted as the year of M2M, but …
3.1.2 Internet of ‘Things’
3.1.3 Who will dominate the IoT market?
3.1.4 Telcos and the science of Big Data
3.1.5 From SCaDa to IoT
3.1.6 Sensors
3.1.7 RFID
3.1.8 Application examples

3.2 Data Centres
3.2.1 The changing market of data centres – market analysis
3.2.2 Key global data centre trends and statistics
3.2.3 Glimpses of the future
3.3 Customer Experience and Data Processing
3.3.1 Introduction: global telecoms market
3.3.2 Insights into global mobile churn
3.3.3 Case study – Orange
3.3.4 Customer experience key to the future of the retail market
3.3.5 Insights in global mobile ARPU
3.3.6 Insights into global mobile termination
3.3.7 Insights into global mobile roaming
3.3.8 The retail market needs to lift its game
3.3.9 Solution: high quality data and analytics
3.3.10 Contextual intelligence
3.3.11 Data analytic application examples
3.3.12 Business understands need for real-time processing

3.4 Cloud computing
3.4.1 The cloud computing revolution
3.4.2 Cloud computing for government
3.4.3 Cloud computing for enterprise
3.4.4 The complexities of cloud computing
3.4.5 Unified Communications (UC) and the cloud
3.4.6 Cloud computing market statistics
3.4.7 How to manage and secure big data
3.4.8 Other recent trends
3.4.9 Conclusion


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