“Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis”: Riveting Historical Biopic Unveils Untold WWII Resistance Saga of 3 Teenage Girl Nazi Killers Set to Ignite Screens in Spring 2024

"Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis": Riveting Historical Biopic Unveils Untold WWII Resistance Saga of 3 Teenage Girl Nazi Killers Set to Ignite Screens in Spring 2024
Above: L to R – WWII Super Spy Hannie Schaft, Lydia Pearl Pentz, Truus Oversteegen and Cali Scolari. A Cinematic Masterpiece Set to Ignite Screens in Spring 2024!
Get ready for an electrifying journey through history as Timothy Hines, acclaimed director of “The Wilde Girls” and “War of the Worlds The True Story,” prepares to unleash the gripping drama, “Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis.” This compelling feature film, set to begin filming this Spring in the UK and Europe, delves into the awe-inspiring lives of World War II resistance fighters Hannie Schaft and sisters Truus and Freddie Oversteegen, super spies who assassinated Nazis.

Director Extraordinaire: Timothy Hines

Helming this powerhouse project is none other than Timothy Hines, a maestro of storytelling whose previous works have captivated audiences worldwide. With a stellar filmography, including “10 Days in a Madhouse” and the groundbreaking “War of the Worlds The True Story,” Hines is set to bring the riveting tale of “”Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis”” to life.

Above: Hannie Schaft, one of the 3 Angels of Death to be played by Lydia Pearl Pentz in a new biopic about three undercover resistance fighters in the Netherlands in WW2.

Producers with Focus: Susan Goforth and Matt Silver

Matt Silver will produce alongside Susan Goforth. Silver most recently produced the upcoming drama Miranda’s Victim starring Andy Garcia, Abigail Breslin, Donald Sutherland, Mireille Enos and Kyle MacLachlan for ArcLight Films. Additionally, Silver produced the upcoming HBO Special on the life of Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole for Haas Silver Levene Film Studios, the theatrical branch of Silver Levene, the United Kingdom’s Specialist in Film and Television dealing with Production Accounting, Audit and Accountancy and Taxation.

Above: Cali Scolari will play Truus Oversteegen in Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis. A historical drama to be directed by Timothy Hines, based on true life events of WW2. 

Above: Lydia Pearl Pentz will play famous WW2 Resistance fighter and Nazi assassin, Hannie (Jo) Schaft in a new biopic, Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis directed by Timothy Hines.

Cast of Rising Stars

Leading the cast are Lydia Pearl Pentz as the indomitable Hannie Schaft and Cali Scolari as the fearless Truus Overstegeen. Pentz and Scolari, who previously showcased their talents in Hines’ upcoming Western comedy “The Wilde Girls,” promise to deliver powerhouse performances that will resonate with audiences.

Above: Nazi occupation of Haarlem, in the Netherlands where Hannie, Truus and Freddie antagonized the occupiers as secret assassins.

Defying the Darkness: The Extraordinary Women of WWII

“Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis” narrates the incredible story of Hannie Schaft, the courageous Dutch resistance fighter, and her fellow angels, Truus and Freddie Oversteegen. These super-agents fearlessly executed daring missions, sabotaging the enemy and standing against the atrocities of the Nazis during World War II.

Above: Freddie Oversteegen, one of the trio of women Nazi assassans in the Netherlands during WW2.

A Call to Action: Urgency and Purpose

Director Hines, fueled by a sense of urgency, emphasizes the timeliness of this project in the face of rising Nazism and antisemitism. “The time is now. Let the chips fall where they may,” declares Hines, emphasizing the need for today’s youth to understand the stark reality of the past.

Above: The pistol Hannie Schaft used to execute Nazis.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting a Cinematic Masterpiece

Hines and co-writer Susan Goforth meticulously crafted the screenplay from extensive research, drawing from numerous historical accounts and eyewitness sources. The film promises an authentic portrayal of the era, bringing to life a world that no longer exists.

Above: Cali Scolari (L) will play Truus Oversteegen, a real. life historical character who, undercover, killed Nazis, Nazi collaborators, committed espionage against the Nazi invaders and transported Jewish children to safety.

Above: Lydia Pearl Pentz will play WW2 resistance fighter and Nazi assassin Hannie Schaft in ‘3 Angels of Death’, a new biopic to be directed Timothy Hines in the Spring of 2024.

Talented Duo: Lydia Pearl Pentz and Cali Scolari

Director Hines praises Lydia Pearl Pentz, embodying the spirit of Hannie Schaft, and Cali Scolari, who brings Truus Oversteegen to life. Their dedication and talent promise a cinematic experience that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

Above: Truus Oversteegen dressed as a man and Hannie Schaft with her hair dyed black and wearing glasses, in preparing for a mission.

Global Collaboration: Filming in the UK and Europe

“”Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis”” is set to be filmed in the picturesque landscapes of the UK and Europe, with producer Matt Silver and additional collaborators joining forces to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film.

Cali Scolari will play Truus Oversteegen who is pictured above.

A Legacy of Courage: Honoring Hannie Schaft and the Oversteegen Sisters

This film is not just a historical account but a tribute to the bravery of Hannie Schaft and the Oversteegen sisters, who defied the Nazis and became symbols of resistance. Their legacy will be immortalized on the silver screen.

Above: Hannie Shaft in prison, taken just before her execution . North Holland Archives

Empowerment Through Cinema: Changing Perspectives

In a world facing challenges, “”Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis”” seeks to inspire and educate. Director Hines emphasizes the importance of the youth understanding that Nazis are not to be admired. The film aims to empower and shed light on the sacrifices made for future generations.

Above: Teenage Girls Whoe Killed Nazis. Courtesy Pendragon Pictures.

Join the Journey: Winter 2024 Premiere

Prepare for an unforgettable cinematic experience as “”Teenage Girls Who Killed Nazis”” hits theaters in Spring 2024. Stay tuned for updates, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and a film that promises to be a tour de force in historical cinema.

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