Teenage author releases children’s book about diversity and self-acceptance

The book reveals how to embrace and acknowledge individual differences

Grayslake, IL –
Alexis Pascascio, a prolific writer, is happy to announce her debut book titled “I Am Me”. This children’s book is based on actual situations that occurred while attending elementary school.

Alexis Pascascio got the inspiration to write this amazing piece after revisiting the journals that were kept about her personal experiences with attending a school with a predominantly white population and having to deal with children’s cruelty. It would take some time but Alexis was presented a way to navigate through those negative experiences and at the same time elevate her self-confidence.

Alexis Pascascio said, “Often times when children are different, they become the target of others. This can have a horrible impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. In this case, my difference was race, however, it can be any difference such as a disability, stature, or even religion that causes you to standout. It is my hope that through writing I Am Me I can assist other kids in navigating through some rough times and at the same time encourage the celebration of diversity to start while children are very young.”

Do you want to increase your kid’s self-confidence and self-esteem? Then this is the book your children need to help build self-esteem and assist them in overcoming peer pressures or negative influences from other kids. It not only tells a story but also includes discussion questions to help educators and parents have conversations with children about diversity and inclusion. Written on a child’s level it clearly addresses racial diversity and how people should embrace and acknowledge their differences.

Brief Overview of this book

Five year old Alaina is excited about her first day at kindergarten until some kids treat her really  bad  for being different. This affects her self-esteem and Alaina tries to blend in with others, but  none of  her strategies work as no one  agrees to be her friend.

Finally, Alaina’s mother gives her a list of great  things to say about herself every day. Over time this helps her begin to feel good about herself, boost her self-confidence and enjoy being different.

But will this be enough to make those mean kids have a change of heart towards her?

I Am Me is based on the childhood experience of Alexis Pascascio. This book will help your kids  discover their worth and break free from the negative opinions of others. Parents are encouraged to  get this amazing book for their kids. It is a must read for every kid; if you love your child, you must get this book for them. This book will help build their self-confidence and elevate the need for adults to teach children to respect and welcome the differences of others.

Alexis Pascascio is a high school Junior who wants to become a Psychologist. She is a diversity advocate and loves to spend time reading and with her family.

I Am Me is available on Amazon, through Ingram distribution, and from the Queen Publications website for a discounted rate. Alexis Pascascio is a motivational speaker and can be contacted with her for speaking engagements via her email address: alexis@queenpublications.org

To order this book on Queen Publication, click on the link: http://www.queenpublications.org/

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