Technological Advancements Change the Way Home Inspectors Render Their Services

Home inspectors are increasingly using advanced technology to help their clients avoid a “money pit” when making real estate deals

When people think of hiring a home inspector, the picture that often comes to mind is the stereo-typical older gentleman walking around a house with a flashlight and a clipboard, examining the various components in a house. While this description would have been accurate a couple of decades ago, new technology has influenced operations in the real estate industry, particularly when it comes to how home inspections are conducted.

Technological advancements have improved the efficiency in the real estate industry, with many home inspectors abandoning the clipboard and subsequently embracing the use of smart phone to take pictures, write notes, and produce a final inspection report that could be up to one hundred pages in length. It is also becoming increasingly popular for inspectors to employ drones for roof inspections as opposed to shimmying up ladders and taking risks on steep roofs. The previous generation of home inspectors often relied on a basic set of tools, including a trusty flashlight, screwdriver, and tape measure, but many of today’s inspectors carry a wide array of devices to detect elevated carbon monoxide levels, gas leaks, radon, mold, and even electrical voltage drops.

One technology that has taken the home inspection industry by storm is infrared thermal imaging. Commonly used by firefighters and the military, the technology is now becoming an essential device for home inspectors.

Thermal imaging uses infrared radiation to capture images, which are displayed on the camera. This allows the user to see temperature differentials, highlighting areas that are hot or cold. This device can enable inspectors to detect overheated electrical wiring, water leaks inside a wall cavity, or missing insulation above a ceiling. Many home inspectors have already started giving accolades to the development. “It’s like having a sixth sense when inspecting a house,” says Patrick Fuller, a seasoned inspector from Canton, Ohio, “it allows you to see things that would otherwise be hidden to the human eye.” It is obvious why many inspection companies have begun to use thermal imaging cameras during every home inspection. One such company is At Ease Home Inspections, a rapidly growing inspection company in north metro-Atlanta. According to the owner, John Battaglia, “Thermal imaging isn’t quite X-ray vision, but it is the closest thing we have right now. We regularly find hidden water leaks inside a wall or ceiling cavity, saving our clients in Cumming, Georgia and the surrounding area hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The cost of using thermal imaging for home inspection has also reduced over the years, with the price of a thermal imaging camera falling from as high as $10,000 to $1,000. This has allowed more home inspectors to use the technology and deliver better and more effective results to clients. As this technology becomes standard within the industry, home buyers and Realtors will likely continue to gravitate toward home inspection companies using technology to provide their clients with the most comprehensive inspections.

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At Ease Home Inspection is a home inspection company owned and founded by long-time home inspector John Battaglia. Headquartered in Canton, Georgia, the company offers a wide range of services including Home Inspections, New Construction – Framing and Final, Radon Testing, and Mold Testing.

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