Techni-Cast Innovates to Offer Modern Alloying and Casting Services, Cuts Down on Energy Bills with In-house Co-generation Unit

Techni-Cast, the premier foundry offering alloying and casting services, has taken the next steps in making its infrastructure more efficient and streamlined. The founders and machinists of centrifugal castings have recently cut down on their energy bills by generating power onsite with a natural gas fueled, co-generation system.

Apart from the co-generation system that “recycles” waste heat and meets some of the toughest exhaust emissions limits in the US, Techni-Cast has set up a streamlined process for delivering alloying and casting services that proceed from metal melting, centrifugal casting, heat treatment and machining to testing and delivery. Techni-Cast has created a cohesive whole of these services to offer a conscientious fulfillment of customer requirements.

Metal centrifugal casting, as pioneered by Techni-Cast, is fundamentally different from nearly every other casting process currently employed worldwide. The process involves introducing metal into the mold under great force and pressure approaching 50 G’s. The company deals with alloys with base elements such as copper, iron, nickel, cobalt and aluminum, and has added stainless alloys and increased size capability and automation as well.

“Because of their unique strength and integrity, our centrifugally cast products are used in a variety of industries. These include commercial and military aircraft, shipboard propulsion, industrial pumps, petrochemical and paper production, naval surface ships, mining, and industrial valves,” says Bryn Van Hiel, President of Techni-Cast.

Of special note is the latest move by Techni-Cast to save 33 percent of consumed electricity by setting up a co-generation system that uses innovative technology to save costs and meet and exceed the strict emissions control requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Developed by Van Hiel, a mechanical engineer, the Techni-Cast co-generation system was put in place after the California energy crisis of 2000–2001.

Techni-Cast now produces about 82 percent of the electricity it uses, and has cut energy requirements both through its use of exhaust gas for metal preheating and generator jacket water for air conditioning. Plus, when commercial customers combine co-gen with “energy recycling” measures, as Techni-Cast has done, the local utility, Southern California Edison (SoCal Edison), exempts them from certain fees into the future.

“Even with the high gas prices, we’re producing electricity for a little less than 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. If we were buying utility electricity, it would cost 16 to 17 cents per kilowatt-hour. So our net cost is still a third less than what we were paying before we made the change,” Van Hiel said.

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