Technical principle of wastewater treatment by refined diatomite

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is called refined diatomite after separating and removing impurities symbiotic with diatom in the process of cleaning. Since the diatom concentrate is composed of non-conductive amorphous silicon dioxide diatom shells and superconducting diatom nanopores make the diatom surface imbalance negative. In sewage treatment, essence of diatom trace in sewage, soil treatment agent is at a high speed stirring, or suction sewage pump blade rotation, diatom imbalance on the surface of the negatively charged energy in sewage by anion nuclear form a positively charged ion, and suspension ion charge potential colloidal particles and micelle structure reduce or zero. In order to achieve the purpose of colloidal particles out of action, promote the rapid physical flocculation of pollutants in water, precipitation.

At the same time, the diatoms have huge specific surface area, huge pore volume and strong adsorption capacity, which adsorb the superfine particles to the surface of the diatoms, forming a chain structure, and instantly sinking and separating from the water body.In a special professional equipment, water is leached from several meters of slag layer formed by more than 250 million diatoms per gram. Ultrafiltration of suspended solids, heavy metal ions and bacteria in the effluent water is removed, and the water is spilled upward. In addition, diatoms also have the function of dehydration, which can be recycled by pressing and dewatering by negative pressure dehydrator.

The clear water that meets the national discharge standards will flow into the biological treatment tank for secondary treatment, and then the residual trace pollutants will be removed. Finally, the diatomite will be ultrafilted through the diatom nano-micropores, so that the effluent water quality can reach the water reuse index stably.

The achievements of diatom concentrate soil water treatment agent technology

Practice has proved that diatom concentrate soil water treatment agent technology can be applied to the treatment of municipal sewage, landfill leachate and all kinds of industrial wastewater. The city sewage, a variety of industrial waste water treatment to achieve national discharge standards or recycling. The removal rates were bod592-92.8%, codcr more than 95%, ss 99.9%, TN78%, TP90.7%, respectively. The invention of technology, for the control of pollution enemy, provides both economic and applicable best technology, so that the thorough treatment of urban sewage from the hope into reality.

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