Techless presents Wisephone™, a unique mobile OS solution for the unnecessary use of mobile phones

Techless has launched a unique and much-needed mobile operating system Wisephone™, which brings a solution to mobile addiction and unnecessary use of smartphones by both adults and kids. This mobile OS is designed for essentialists with no apps, social media, and pornographic content to avoid mobile addiction and distractions. With an aim to present “healthy technology” that allows the users to live less off their mobile screens and more in the present, Techless has created this mobile OS and is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the same.

Wisephone™ is for anyone who wants to take the intentional step of sacrificing their digital time for more valuable things in life. It will allow parents to finally conquer the tech-tension battle with their kids and enable the users to value relationships over self-indulgence. Wisephone™ will make the phone free of social media, app store, solo entertainment and things that distract the user from being present. It is completely ad-free and unlike many popular apps that sell the users’ data to third-party apps and companies, Wisephone™ allows complete privacy of the user’s data. It is also equipped with an advanced algorithm that disables any explicit or pornographic images or videos on the mobile phone.

While technology is a powerful gift, if not used wisely it can overpower people’s thinking abilities and emotional quotient. A number of people today have become captive to their mobile screens seeking dopamine highs while browsing their social media, apps and other stuff that makes them isolated from the real world. The repercussions of the increasing use of smartphones can be seen in children nowadays too, who are exposed to terrible things on the internet. The result of all this is distant relationships, lack of creativity, self-esteem issues, insecurities and more.

Thankfully, Techless has taken this step to change all that with its new operating system that harnesses the power of technology while eliminating its terrible side effects. Wisephone™ is built with 2 carefully curated fonts and only 3 colors to reduce eye fatigue. Wisephone™ uses almost no icons yet remains intuitive. The user can repurpose an old phone or buy a new one, to integrate Wisephone™. Furthermore, Wisephone™ doesn’t require a data plan so the user can access cloud calls and messages, location tracking and maps even without internet access.

Users can pre-order Wisephone™ through its Kickstarter campaign page.

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