Tech CEO Bruno Nicoletti launches new podcast

Bruno Nicoletti is known in the business world as one of the most exciting entrepreneurs to watch.

He first started his journey in the financial industry where he became one of the highest producing advisors in the world, becoming a member of the million dollar roundtable at 23 years old.

The million dollar round table is in association for find me a tour visors exclusive to the top 5% of producers in the world. By becoming a member at age 23 Bruno had built a personal brand for himself. He even attended the Forbes 30 under 30 convention in Detroit in 2019. 

During his time as the financial advisor Bruno Nicoletti had an idea that later became a tech company known as Hummingbird.

Bruno‘s idea was to use artificial intelligence for prospecting in the financial industry, and HUMMINGBIRD now serves over 2000 advisers, helping them book more meetings with ideal prospects on auto pilot.

With all this business knowledge you would think that burritos podcast is based in business, but you’d be wrong.

Bruno has graced his podcast with influencers and athletes. A lot of the podcast is based on a story telling and mindset with a bit of a comedic tone.

So far Bruno only has six episodes, I guess include Indiana colts linebacker Jo Jo Doman, NBC The Voice is Devan blake Jones who worked very closely with Nick Jonas during the production of the show, and Bruno’s brother Brian Nicoletti who seems to be following a promising career in acting.

“I wanted to create a show where I could just be myself. I didn’t want to have a podcast with an agenda or a niche. I wanted something where I could just sit down and start recording. Sad Bruno when I asked about the category his podcast falls into.

Although the first couple episodes do not seem to be about business, Bruno reassures his business followers that there will be business contact.

“I definitely plan on talking business, I just haven’t had any guess on the podcast where business has come up. But absolutely some of my guess will be notable business minded people. Don’t sleep.”

As excitement grows around his YouTube podcast, it seems that it is following the Nicoletti trend of future success.

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