Teachers Incorporate Advanced Teaching Methods using Technology

Warner Unified School District’s newly hired educational technology teacher will provide tools to improve curriculum in all grades. This teacher will not only provide better teaching materials, but will also teach students from kindergarten to 8th grade how to program and write code. The ability for teachers to improve their daily classroom routines multiplies tremendously when these technologies are accessible.

For example, a history teacher focusing on the Ancient Egypt chapter is able to introduce the class to virtual reality goggles. Through this groundbreaking technology, students are able to visit the Egyptian Museum and see King Tutankhamen’s mask. This experience is incomparable to merely reading about the history and seeing images – possibilities are endless when these types of technologies, such as virtual reality, become available to students throughout Warner Unified School District.

High school students in Warner Unified are also given the opportunity to enroll in career technical education classes through their computers. These courses are Cisco Academy classes, so that students can complete the CTE pathway with a certification in Cisco. On this CTE pathway, students are able to complete high school while earning a Cisco Academy certification in a certain field of knowledge. The pathway consists of two years of elective classes and with further development, the integration of an internship will solidify a student’s preparedness for a technical career.

Warner Unified looks forward to the continuous growth and expansion of the technological education that the new teacher will bring.

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About Warner Unified School District:

Since 1938, Warner Unified School District has been serving students from preschool to twelfth grade in the rural Northeast San Diego County. Covering over 432 square miles, Warner Unified is proud of its small class sizes, excellent student achievement, and award-winning FFA program. By consistently innovating with technology and teaching methods, Warner Unified offers advanced curriculum for students throughout the school year.

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