Taxi Dispatch software market revolutionizing the passenger transportation industry

The Taxi Dispatch systems have transformed the way passenger transportation companies like Uber and Ola work, by providing them with software solutions that enable the customers to book a taxi conveniently and allow the companies to manage almost 100% of their operations with ease.

The introduction of passenger transportation companies like Ola, Uber, Didi, Lyft etc. have made life easier for millions of people around the globe. Little do people know, that the whole process of assigning the job to the driver, tracking, customer data and other aspects of booking and utilizing the transport service is managed by a Taxi Dispatch Software, which is provided by other companies.

In addition, the increasing demand for passenger transportation has also given rise to the need for effective software solutions and a number of big players in the market are utilizing this opportunity to provide high-quality services at competitive prices. This has led to the formation of the Taxi Dispatch Software market which makes it easier to allocate the jobs to the drivers, manage the customer data, mapping of the customers with the drivers to travel a certain distance and allows them to book a taxi easily.

As per a study in 2018, some of the major companies in the taxi Dispatch Software market are ICabbi, Autocab, Magenta Technology, INSOFTDEV.

While the above-mentioned companies continue to rule the Taxi dispatch software market globally, there are several new players in the market that are offering solutions on par with the market standards at competitive prices. More number of players in the market may lead the companies to stay updated with the latest technology for offering even better services at better prices. One of the new players in the market with a seemingly good potential to catch up with the top players is Insoftdev. It offers complete software solutions to manage 100% of the operations, such as cloud-based back office system, Driver apps, customer booking engine, web booking engine, Coach and school bus management system, and Smart kiosk systems.

Another remarkable service offered by Taxi dispatch companies like Icabbi, Autocab, Insoftdev etc. is that they enable the transport companies to set flexible pricing engine to define prices based on the fix routes, the distance for specific accounts, a period of time, bank holidays, parking, and customization.

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