TAXI Brcko Cumbo announces professional local taxi service in the city of Brcko

Facility now open to serve locals, and visitors exploring the city

Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina – TAXI Brčko Cumbo is proud to announce their taxi service in the city of Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their service is designed for both locals and tourists to enjoy the beauty, lifestyle, and culture, of one of the freest cities in Europe. TAXI Brčko Cumbo has some of the best drivers in the taxi industry, offer very affordable pricing, and the service is completely safe. The company provides local taxi service at its best.

For an amazing taxi service experience of Brčko, please visit for more information.

“We present to you a well-organized, highly structured, and safe taxi service so you can explore the incredible city of Brčko. Unlike other taxi services, we ensure every client has a unique experience every time they take our ride. Getting us to serve you is easy. All you have to do is call, and we’ll be there to do your bidding. Our drivers know the city of Brčko like the back of their hand, and that’s why we never disappoint, and customers trust us to give them the best service,” said Dragan Cumbo, CEO of TAXI Brčko Cumbo.

TAXI Brčko Cumbo is a special kind of taxi service committed to delivering quality transportation for anyone moving around anywhere, in the city of Brčko. Their highly trained and experienced driver will take clients wherever they want to go, at any time. TAXI Brčko Cumbo offer affordable pricing for their clients.

“I love TAXI Brčko Cumbo for their professionalism, trust, accuracy, and error-free service. While I have ridden with more than three drivers, all of their employees seem to have the same charm, humble, and loving character. The city of Brčko feel alive more when you’re moving around inside a TAXI Brčko Cumbo,” said Brian T, a customer.

Local taxi service offers so many benefits for consumers. They are available all day, every day, they have access to brief drop and pick facility, they are convenient, and the drivers know everywhere. They are also affordable, safe to ride, and very flexible.

About TAXI Brčko Cumbo

TAXI Brčko Cumbo is a local taxi service based in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company has a fleet of taxi, ready to provide excellent and professional service to clients, both locals and visitors.

For more information, please contact +387 65 254 347,, or visit

Media Contact
Company Name: TAXI Brcko Cumbo
Contact Person: Dragan Cumbo
Phone: +387 65 254 347
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina