Tattoo Color Guard is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

“Tattoo Color Guard, 6oz bottle.”
A non-oily, odor free product formulated to help prevent the bright colors of tattoos from fading. All it takes is a small spritz and it dries in a matter of seconds. You spend a lot of money to get that beautiful tattoo with the bright colors, now spend a small amount to make it last. Don’t let it end up a black and blue glob like a lot of tattoos you see that haven’t been properly cared for. Make it last!

Tattoo Color Guard was developed by Paul Burke who has over 57 years experence in the skin care industry. Paul noticed how bright, colorful tattoos after a period of time start to fade and lose a lot of their beauty.  This is caused by exposure to the outdoors and weather.  

Seeing a need to protect tattoos from this, he spent 13 months developing a product to combat this fading.  Tattoo Color Guard is non-oily, non-greasy and oderless. It will not stain clothing and dries in seconds.  All it takes is a quick spritz from the non-aerosol container.  With the high cost of multi-colored tattoos, spend a small amount of money to help make it last!  

Do you want to end up with a black and blue glob that you see a lot of tattoos have turned into?  For use on fully healed tattoos.  Spend a little to protect your investment and your beautiful work of art. Tattoo Color Guard comes in a handy 6oz container.  While it’s protecting your tattoo, notice how smooth your skin feels you only need a small amount to do a big job.  Be smart!  Save your skin, save your money and save the color.  There is only one product worth using, Tattoo Color Guard.  Based on almost 60 years experience.

For Use on Healed Tattoos and Safe to Use All Year Round!

Directions: Shake Well.

Spray a small amount on tattoo artwork exposed to the elements. Rub in. Reapply at least every 2 hours. Dries in seconds. Will not stain. If it becomes hard to pump, hold under water for 15 seconds.

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