Taskport Unveils the Next-Gen AI-Powered App, Transforming How to Collaborate and Balance Work and Life

Taskport Unveils the Next-Gen AI-Powered App, Transforming How to Collaborate and Balance Work and Life
Task Management Simplified with AI
Taskport, the innovative AI-powered app, is set to revolutionize the way we manage tasks, projects, and collaborations across work and home. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Taskport effortlessly empowers families and teams to streamline their personal and professional lives.

Taskport is introducing a groundbreaking solution to enhance the productivity and well-being of families, and professionals, especially those with self-employed individuals and those who run businesses. With its intuitive interface and an AI assistant, Emelee, Taskport simplifies task planning and management, project execution, and collaboration, ensuring teams and families stay organized and focused on their mission.

Taskport‘s flagship feature is Emelee, an AI assistant, that intelligently plans daily schedules, recommends tasks, and offers invaluable insights to ensure users stay ahead of their commitments at work and home.

  • Organize Your Life:

Taskport offers dedicated Work and Home modes, decluttering lives with suggestions and timely tips gleaned from experts and community best practices. Emelee’s insights help users to make smarter decisions, be more effective, and reduce stress.

  • Effortlessly Collaborate:

Taskport facilitates seamless collaboration, allowing users to share tasks, lists, and projects with teams, coworkers, family, and friends. Its comprehensive toolkit includes Projects, Members, Contacts, Circles, Chats, and Reports, ensuring effortless communication and workload management.

  • Unwind with Peace of Mind:

Taskport handles tedious tasks for you. Emelee takes charge, delegates responsibilities, sends reminders and ensures nothing falls through the cracks, giving you the freedom to relax and unwind.

  • “Taskport is the ultimate app for streamlining your life with AI. It helps you organize your work and personal life in a single app, collaborate with others, and unwind with peace of mind.” – Kalyan Gupta, CEO of Karyan Pravah LLC, the maker of Taskport

Key Features:

  • Task Management: Handle any task, big or small, with ease. Plan, coordinate, and schedule tasks within your family and teams effortlessly.
  • Project Management: Taskport makes project management simple, whether it’s planning birthday parties or building a business. Emelee assists in setting up projects quickly and thoroughly.
  • Calendar and Special Events: Schedule parties, meetings, and projects. Import your existing calendar for a seamless experience.
  • Customized Lists: Taskport offers the ultimate list-maker, from guest lists to shopping lists. Share them with your team and link lists, tasks, events, and projects for agile and effective organization.
  • Emelee, Your AI Assistant: Emelee understands your needs, recommends tasks, and helps plan entire projects in plain English, making complex commands a thing of the past.


Taskport is a revolutionary AI-powered application designed to enhance the personal and professional productivity of families and teams. With its intuitive interface and Emelee, the intelligent AI assistant, Taskport simplifies task management, project execution, and collaboration.

To learn more, visit Taskport’s Website.

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