TargetMail Delivering Personalized Emails, One Device At A Time

Find out how to extend the reach of your email campaign by delivering personalized emails with relevant information to consumers interested in your brand thanks to TargetMail. TargeMail has been a consistent success from many of our clients because of the tremendous results it continues to deliver. Find out how you can generate new leads with your very own TargetMail campaign.

Email advertising campaigns are still one of the most efficient methods for businesses to utilize to deliver an inexpensive ad to thousands of potential customers. However, if these email campaigns are not planned out correctly, those emails will be delivered and remain in inboxes unopened and unread. At Target River, we continue to execute effective email campaigns for our clients that extend their current reach and deliver a greater ROI than traditional email blasts. TargetMail is a proven form of advertisement because it has continued to deliver tremendous results for different clients across different industries.

Did you know that there are more than 4.3 billion email accounts in use worldwide? Which is why we believe email is still a useful tool for businesses to effectively share their ad to the masses. According to our data, 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email and 57% of email subscribers spend on average of 10-60 minutes browsing promotional emails each week. Meaning, consumers want to hear from brands they are interested in and with the right message you can increase the success of your email campaigns. Our clients continue to use our TargetMail campaigns because it efficiently targets the right audience and delivers a relevant message that gets consumers to act.

What sets TargetMail apart from traditional email campaigns is how quickly these campaigns can be created and its unique ability to extend the reach of your email blast. Plus, the results speak for themselves with client after client seeing open rates in the high teens and click through rates well over 1% (and these are from external lists, not internal databases)! TargetMail can be set up and ready for delivery in as little as five business days for our clients and thanks to big data targeting, TargetMail can effectively deliver your email to potential customers with similar interest in your brand. Relevancy is key with TargetMail because delivering relevant messages to intenders significantly increases the open rate of your emails and overall click through rate as well. To help show the success of these TargetMail campaigns, we provide our clients with a comprehensive report that show how successful the campaign was and these reports highlight key aspects such as: open rate, click-through rate and lead generation.

TargetMail has been a consistent success for many of our clients. For instance, a motorcycle dealership was able to deliver emails that promoted sales and services to motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. This dealership generated over 30 appointments per email deployment and had an average of a 15% open rate. Several school districts have also utilized a TargetMail campaign to deliver emails about their districts to many families in the community looking to enroll their students. After deployment, these districts saw a significant increase in student enrollments across their districts.

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