Tapping into the Chinese market effectively with BeFull Community App

Being a forward looking community, the founding team and the exco members made a change in their project name from Fupin Community to BeFull Community. This rebranding exercise will help BeFull reach out to a more international audience. The corporate colours and main logo will remain unchanged but the brand will be known as BeFull Community from now onwards.

Befull Community takes pride in their community management methodologies. It has been a success in China with 100,000 members and over 10,000 active members participating in their campaigns. This year, the executive committee has made a decision to venture into international markets.  

Source: www.befullc.com, Vincent Cheung, Founder of BeFull being interviewed by China blockchain media.

“We want to bring our successful model to foreign countries, giving us an international foothold in the Blockchain community market.” shared Vincent Cheung, Founder of the BeFull Community. According to Vincent, there is a huge demand for BeFull to expand into other markets, there are constant requests from Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA projects who come forward to collaborate and want the same BeFull mode to be replicated in their respective countries. 
Being a forward looking community, the founding team and the exco members made a change in their project name from Fupin Community to BeFull Community. This rebranding exercise will help BeFull reach out to a more international audience. The corporate colours and main logo will remain unchanged but the brand will be known as BeFull Community from now onwards.
BeFull means “Be Full”, they want their users to be full of confidence, courage and strength when dealing with situations and of course- “be full of cash” Vincent said jokingly. Vincent wants his coin community to be fully contented with what they have in life and make new friends, learn new skills within the community. BeFull’s Chinese name is 币扶, which translates basically into “coin support”. As mentioned above, the founder wants his members to learn new things, new skills to support themselves and gain financial independence in time to come. 

Source: BeFull Logo
In order to support this initiative, the BeFull.App will be launched to provide members with free, decentralized tasks on their social network. Members are to share their wisdom, knowledge, abilities, and experience to contribute to the community’s ecology, thereby transforming their intellectual assets into actual benefits for themselves and the community.

The community promotes equality and believes that everyone is equal. The way to earn income and use income on the task social network should also be equal. It is mainly comprised of various tasks, wallets, community offline activities, community plug-ins and token circulation & conversion. BeFull token will also be launched officially at a later stage, connecting all aspects of the ecology together. 

Source: www.befull.app, Screenshots of BeFull Community management app.

BeFull has won the the Most Valuable Community Award at The Global Blockchain Leadership Summit in the beginning of the year. There are still ongoing strategic partnerships with HPB, MGD, SOP, LFC, ONO and many others. In March 2019, they will also be expanding into the South Korea market and will sign an MOU with Founders of EOSDAQ – Seihyun Jeong and Peter Kim, a Korea based decentralized exchange supporting fast and safe trading of EOS native tokens. This is a small step for BeFull in Korea and there will be more collaborations to be announced soon. 
“My partners will definitely benefit from the BeFull App that we have right now! It will help projects who want to tap into the Chinese market easier and also allow them to manage their local communities more effectively,” Vincent explained. 
Currently, the App is still on the beta stages and the community members are testing the various functions as we speak. By the end of the month, BeFull will introduce the App to the public, we hope to see more of BeFull real soon.

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