Tanpool, The Airbnb For Car Seats In Mid/Long-Distance Travel, Is A Rideshare App For Long-Distance Travel

Tanpool, Inc., a leader in the rideshare industry, has announced the release of Tanpool, its new long-distance rideshare and package delivery application for iOS and Android devices. Introducing a new way for people to travel easily and inexpensively on long-distance trips or send and receive packages, Tanpool is revolutionizing the rideshare industry by helping drivers find passengers, and passengers find rides. Whenever one is stranded, Tanpool is their way out!

car pool

With Tanpool, drivers and passengers plan their trips upfront, pay the market’s cheapest fares, and travel safely on long-distance or intercity trips. Never before has it been easier to find a ride from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on a moment’s notice without having to turn to Craigslist or Facebook rideshare groups, or other competing applications with high fares and poor service. Alternatively, Tanpool makes it easy to avoid mass transit perils, including long-distance flights or Greyhound buses, known for added hidden fees, exuberant pricing models, and notoriously bad service.

Simple and easy to use, Tanpool users must simply download the app and go to the “offer” page to post their trip with options to take people, packages, or pets, and make some money in the process. Users can also swipe up on the “offer” page to accept ride or parcel requests and make some money to contribute gas. On the other hand, users can go to a “search” page and find the best results for their travel or shipping needs and book arrangements directly, and then wait for drivers to accept their request and finish through the integrated payment process.

Available in the United States, download Tanpool, dubbed by critics as the Airbnb for car seats, by visiting the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. To learn more generally, please visit Tanpool.com.

Remember! If you stranded, Tanpool is your way out!

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