Tamotsu Pro Launches Innovative Hands-Free Phone Holder for Adventurers Worldwide

Tamotsu Pro’s Hands-Free Phone Holder makes the travel experience matchless, with hands-free exploration and engagement.

Adhering to its vision to redefine the travel experience, Tamotsu Pro has introduced its revolutionary product, the Tamotsu Hands-Free Phone Holder on Indiegogo. Inspired by the shared love for both travel and technology, the co-founders of Tamotsu Pro have developed a hands-free solution for all outdoor adventures and activities.

Whether users are navigating busy areas, hiking challenging terrains, or attending virtual meetings on the move, this innovative accessory helps the user stay aware of their surroundings, check maps and create a more relaxed walking experience. Designed for convenience, this innovative travel accessory prioritizes safety, allowing users to keep their hands free and their attention focused during their adventures.


The Tamotsu Hands-Free Phone Holder has undergone rigorous testing in various environments to ensure its reliability. The product is universally compatible with a wide variety of phone models and backpacks. Its ergonomic design, durability and ease of use, along with its amazing compatibility, make it a must-have for modern explorers and travel enthusiasts.

Leon Kaplun, Founder of Tamotsu Pro, expresses the company’s mission: “Our Hands-Free Phone Holder isn’t just a product; it’s the culmination of our passion for travel and technology, designed to enhance the experience of adventurers worldwide.” 

Co-Founder Vitali Kaplun adds, “We’re excited to introduce a product that truly resonates with the modern traveler’s needs, balancing functionality with simplicity”.

Tamotsu Pro, founded in 2023 by the brother-duo Leon and Vitali, aims to improve the everyday life of travelers by innovating practical solutions for outdoor and travel enthusiasts. The company requests assistance from interested individuals and supporters to help launch this product to the market and make their dream a reality.

On Indiegogo, supporters can help the company raise funds and help forward the campaign. All backers will receive early access to products, exclusive discounts on future launches, behind-the-scenes updates, limited edition designs, and a personalized thank-you video from the founders.

Moreover, individuals can also use Indiegogo’s share tools, engage with content, provide feedback, and consider becoming an informal ambassador. The company further plans to expand its product line, incorporating feedback from the community to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers.

Leon & Vitali Kaplun, invite everyone to tag along this journey to revolutionize travel experiences using technology. With products like the Tamotsu Hands-Free Phone Holder, they aim to make the world a better, more connected, and less stressful place.


About Tamotsu Pro:

Tamotsu Pro was founded by brothers Leon and Vitali Kaplun in 2023 to redefine the travel experience using innovative technologies. The company aims to enhance the everyday lives of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, starting with the groundbreaking Tamotsu Hands-Free Phone Holder.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamotsuPro

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@TamotsuInnovations

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Leon20X23

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leon-kaplun-4458bb236/  


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