Talking to Kids Early an Essential Part of Addiction Prevention, Says Chapters Capistrano

Educating children early on about the risks of drugs and alcohol and instilling healthy habits supports drug use prevention, says Chapters Capistrano.

Addiction does not discriminate. It can affect anyone, anywhere. Starting the discussion about the risks of drug and alcohol use when children are young and setting a positive example is essential in raising awareness and helping them to make healthier choices. Studies have shown that drug use at an early age can increase risk of addiction later on. Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press regarding the importance of talking to children and teens about addiction and offer tips for creating positive environment.

“Children are very aware of the world around them and may notice more than you realize,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of the California rehab center. “They’re exposed to drug and alcohol use in the community, on television, in the movies, in the news, and maybe even at home. It’s important for parents to give them accurate information and talk about the risks. Create a safe space where they feel comfortable talking about what they see and hear and asking questions.”

Keep discussions age appropriate and talk about risks as well as healthier habits for dealing with stress, peer pressure, boredom, temptation, and more, notes Shea. Some advocates recommend talking to children around age 12 or even younger. They’re never too young to start instilling healthy behaviors and building self-esteem.

The Courier-Journal highlights some important discussion tips such as not trying to scare children about the dangers of substance use, and talking to other parents about emphasizing the importance of not drinking and setting clear expectations. Children should be getting positive reinforcement not just from their parents but from other parents, family, friends, teachers, community leaders, and other important adult figures in their lives.

“Use situations in everyday life to start a conversation,” recommends Shea. “If you see something on the news, or see someone on the street who has had too much to drink, talk about it. Help your kids to set goals for their future and get involved in activities that will steer them away from substance use. Most of all, make sure you establish open communication so they feel comfortable talking to you and feel supported, even if they make a mistake.”

Parents can also set a good example with their own actions. If they are drinking, they should do so responsibly and not use alcohol as their go-to for stress relief or boredom. Alcohol should be out of sight and out of reach of children; the same goes with prescription medications. Teach children the importance of only using prescriptions as directed and as needed.

“If you realize that your own drinking or drug use has become problematic and is sending the wrong message to your children, do something about it,” says Shea. “Show them that you care about your health and their wellbeing and that help is available. Addiction is treatable and children should understand that it doesn’t define a person. Be a positive role model and get yourself into treatment so that you can enjoy a long future together.” Chapters Capistrano offers luxury rehab programs that are tailored to clients’ individual needs and include a family program as well to start rebuilding relationships and improving communication.


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