Talent-Ed, Online Arts Program, Provides a DIY, Low-Budget Solution to Visual and Performing Arts Budget Cuts

Newest program from IVOREEZ creator Jennifer Rodriguez uses colored piano decals in an all-inclusive, comprehensive visual performing arts instruction program for educators, no experience required!

San Diego, CA – March 03, 2017 – In an era where arts are being pulled from schools, Jennifer Rodriguez knows all too well the effects of missed arts education. This 20-year music teacher veteran has created a unique solution with TalentED, an online platform for non-musical instructors to include arts without special instruction, musical knowledge, or exorbitant costs. TalentED is an all-inclusive option that is easy to use and accessible to all levels of students in schools, daycares, church programs, afterschool activities, clubs, and organizations.

“Bringing exposure to students who wouldn’t otherwise receive a traditional arts background, TalentED allows them to test the waters, assess where their talents lie, and possibly inspire them to pursue the arts in the future,” says Rodriguez. “Our plays are written based on students’ real lives: sons and daughters of military members, home instabilities, cyber bullying, and all sorts of personal experiences. Once they’ve chosen the story line and shaped it to fit their preferences, they include songs. This is where the students get really excited.”

The TalentED program incorporates the six disciplines of the arts in a musical theater task. The students create a play using their own characters and storyline, sketch and paint the backdrop, sing their songs of choice, create their own choreography, act out the characters, and play the piano accompaniment, all with the included program materials.

But the most impressive benefit of TalentED is the program cost – it’s 85% less than the cost of a music teacher.  At a growing rate of $35/hour for a qualified music teacher, schools and organizations can use their own instructors to tailor the curriculum to meet the school and organizations time-frame, goals, and student preferences. And everything is done without hours of instructing the instructors.

In alignment with the STEAM movement, TalentED is including a course on 3D printed percussion instruments and the parallels between math and percussion. This program is currently in private schools and afterschool organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of America in San Diego.

For more information, visit www.talentedcalifornia.com

About TalentED

TalentEd is an online comprehensive visual and performing arts program that provides a low budget solution to arts budget costs. This online lesson system gives non-musical staff members an easy to use and teach curriculum. With minimal costs (< 85% less than a traditional arts program) Organizations like after school programs, clubs, churches, children programs and daycares can include a complete six discipline (theater, playwriting, art, play piano, sing & dance) program with a musical theater task. Currently, the online system customized the time frame, goals, tasks and abilities and will include a STEAM component concentrating on 3D instrument making and lesson plans for the parallels of music and rhythm and rhythm instruments.

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