Talented Floridian Mitri Lamar Stuns the Music Industry with Thought-provoking Lyrics

American singer, songwriter, Mitri Lamar, continues to use his music as a tool to discuss contemporary issues as he receives accolades from different quarters

Mitri Lamar has stayed true to his goal of using music to pass a message that will positively impact the lives of people. His recent releases have substantiated this claim, showing the world his creativity and ingenuity as a singer and songwriter. The multitalented artist has been able to carve a niche in the highly competitive industry that offers little hope for the audience seeking message-filled content.

The multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry has evolved over the years, and the music market has undoubtedly contributed immensely in this respect. Thanks to the contributions of stakeholders such as music labels, producers and the emergence of digital distribution platforms and several talented acts, music lovers have continued to enjoy great sounds from their favorite genres. However, a vast majority of the songs coming out of speakers do not resonate with the true essence of making music, highlighting real-life issues and their impact. Consequently, Mitri Lamar is looking to serve his fans and music enthusiasts in different parts of the world with songs that trigger discussions and impact lives.

Mitri’s brand is particularly different, focusing on politics and everyday life with discussions that anyone can relate to as he uses his music to stir up conversations. His amazing wordplay skills and how he uses it to pass important messages subtly has endeared Mitri and his art to millions of people worldwide, with accolades coming from different quarters.

Mitri Lamar started his musical career at the age of 15 as the only vocalist in a group called R.E.D Crew (Reaching, Every, Dream). Over the years, Mitri Lamar has worked with several talented minds in the industry, including KendalK and Vynchy. His debut album titled “Trap Melodies,” which was released in August 2019, is a testament to Mitri’s versatility in the different styles. Some of the tracks on the album include Myself, Dance Floor, Chasing Stars, On The Moon, and Real One.

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About Mitri Lamar

Born Demitrius Lamar Glover, “Mitri Lamar” is an American singer/ songwriter native to Miami, Florida. Brought up on R&B, Hip-Hop, and Island Music, Mitri has been able to hone his sound giving him the hard and rugged but also gentile melodic sound and look. His captivating and energetic performance and engaging content have made Mitri one of the fastest rising entertainers on the map.

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