Taking Entrepreneurship & Businesses to a Global and Financially Free Height with KingPay


Are you an entrepreneur or brand owner? Do you have a strong digital presence online for your business? Well now is the time to take your business global, using sophisticated card payment technology and alternative payment options with kingpaypayyments.com

KingPay is a well rated, solid, robust and secure payment technology house, that was designed specifically to take any business globally. As an accredited member of the Forbes Financial Council and an INC runner-up company, we have confidently built trust with businesses who turn to us. We embrace any kind of currency transaction, handling millions of transactions every month with alternative payment methods and cross-border environmental dealings. Our transactions are fast, efficient and backed up with round the clock support for all clients.

Did you know that the backbone of any business is cash flow? This is why kingpaypayyments.com is streamlined to accept any size of business. Our aim is for your business to thrive rapidly, by ensuring you have a payment solution that is scalable for your industry type. We have acquired different banks all over the world to ensure our clients can transact securely at all times.

KingPay features include-

  • Mobile and Web Payments-  enjoy the privilege of having multi-currency transactions in your arsenal
  • Omni-Channel Processing- process cross-border transactions in a multi-currency environment
  • Recurring Payments- you can benefit from recurring payments, this is ideal for subscription models, membership and digital software providers.

Here are our some of our payment offers at kingpaypayyments.com:

  • 65+ Payment Methods in 1 Hub- you can reach customers all over the world and offer them fast and convenient ways to pay for your products and services. This is made possible with features like Apple Pay, Alipay, Sofort, iDeal, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and many more.
  • Supported Shopping Carts- we partner with some of the most popular & reputable cart providers in the world, thereby giving your business speed, simplicity and security for integration. Some of these carts include Prestashop, Shopware, Woocommerce, Opencart, Drupal, Mijoshop and many others!
  • Lower ChargeBacks- we offer lower chargeback fees, increased conversion rates & the ability to boost your sales and ultimately grow your business faster. We take the pain out of complex filtering by using our technology to support your business as you grow.

Now that you’ve had a taster of the benefits available with KingPay, I know the next thing on your mind is security, well at kingpaypayyments.com we offer a sophisticated network of fraud prevention tools and risk settings like 3d Secure, GEO filtering, IP filtering, Proxy validation, BIN validation and more.

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