Taking 20 Years Off At Once with a Face lifting Surgery

Baby Face Fever, which started a long time ago, shows no signs of slowing down. ‘Baby face’ means ‘a face that looks like a baby,’ but recently, also includes ‘a face that looks younger than their actual age.’ Time is fleeting, but Baby Face Fever continues around the globe as it means people can appear to turn back time. A Face Lifting Surgery is gaining popularity, as the anti-aging procedure can improve the appearance of facial wrinkles in general at once. Face Lifting Surgery are extremely popular in Korea. Korea was able to rise as a country famous for plastic surgery, even above other countries like the United States or Brazil, because of its reputation as a nation that checks the mirror a lot and highly invests in appearance.

Naturally, there have been outstanding medical innovations in the anti-aging field, and Korea is leading the world. Chief Director of Aging L Plastic Surgery, Dr. Su Cheol Kim, who is already famous in the domestic medical field, has become a leader of the Face Lifting Surgery procedure in the international market.

Dr. Kim said, “A Face Lifting Surgery is a very difficult and delicate. One mistake can damage a nerve and lead to side effects such as an asymmetrical face. There are two main methods to avoid this. Either do not go as deep as the nerves and conduct a simple, surface level procedure, or go to a specialist with abundant overall knowledge in the area. The former option is inevitably not as effective. Everybody has wrinkles in different parts of the face, and some can have wrinkles in multiple areas. Therefore, it is best to consult with a specialist who understands all the different areas and has a lot of experience.”

Dr. Su Cheol Kim is leading a new paradigm of a Face Lifting Surgery that pulls the fascia, which goes beyond the simple Face Lifting surgery methods of the past. His method has received a lot of international attention, and he is receiving increasing requests to learn his Face Lifting method. Korea was already famous for plastic surgery, but thanks to the reputation he has built with his independent technique, Dr. Kim also has the title of ‘a physician who teaches other physicians.’ Dr. Su Cheol Kim, who is the most skilled anti-aging plastic surgeon in the world, has his office at Aging L Plastic Surgery in Gangnam, Seoul. 

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