TakeoTama.com: Music Entertainment Company Moves Away From Aftermarket Distribution Abruptly

Song Catalogue Entity, Takeo Tama, Halts Distributors and Content Syndication Hubs as nontransparent Business Practices Cause Concerns for Manipulations of Reporting and Tracking into 2017

WINONA, MN – 31 Oct, 2016 – (TakeoTama.com) – Alongside mass distribution efforts originating from new internalized system-servicing, TAKEO TAMA has begun its transition towards eradicating 3rd party music-provider placements.

The move, though perceived to have negative impacts on trending that came from deployments over networks like Apple, Amazon, Spotify, and Google, will likely favor recent developments for internal offerings which gives audiences an opportunity to support Takeo Tama in ways which the company has stated, in some cases, “Will never require a person to open their wallet or use a credit card.”

“This all began much earlier in our process of trying to make our material fully localized to the communities we serve best, which are international usually but then, the mismatched numbers and unaccounted for usages started to pile up and not make sense, in particular with collaborative youtube use,” Brand Development Member, Katlina Kliewer, explained.

“I mean, vidme usage has always held a direct parallel to our other efforts, just as an example, and on top of that, when we began to understand that our content, when displayed on youtube, was not readily available as it is through channels such as vevo, it became clear that we needed to check into all third party locations and sure enough, they are all splitting up the margin by separating the content libraries between everything from tiers, to subscription levels, all the way to the bottom lines of hardware facilitation versus software based customers.”

“This means in a nutshell, that as broken as distribution was beforehand, there is now definitely no value in ushering listeners to these points of sale unless the demand exists.”

The new systems currently deployed by Takeo Tama are geared for frontend monetization, beginning as a transaction from the point where a listener clicks any link to hear general audio contents. Secondarily, webpage visitors are offered options where they can help the company earn more money by taking simple actions that only require the click of a mouse.

Visit Takeo Tama now and begin exploring how you can enjoy many of their presentations freely: http://www.takeotama.com

About Takeo Tama:

Takeo Tama is a provider of multi-style Music. The core focus is in Electro crossover and Synth driven Orchestra Songs. For Listeners, the experiences can transcend the common bands and musicians available. For Audio-Supervisors, an entirely fresh and captivating level of sound stimulation can be achieved.

For more information, visit: https://vid.me/MjrL

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