Take a Knee Launches New Veteran Support Organization with Mission to Transform Lives

Take a Knee Launches New Veteran Support Organization with Mission to Transform Lives
The nonprofit “Take a Knee” aims to address the fundamental needs of National Heroes.

DeAngelo Jelks, a veteran passionate about supporting his fellow servicemen and women, has announced the establishment of a groundbreaking nonprofit organization, “Take a Knee.” Take a Knee understands that even the strongest citizens can become society’s most fragile, when they have needs that aren’t addressed. The new nonprofit is stepping up to meet this challenge and help veterans and their families.

“Whenever the solution is that ‘someone must change things,’ there is no time to wait around. That someone will always be me,” commented DeAngelo Jelks, founder of the nonprofit, who is clearly passionate about this critical task.

Take a Knee provides mental health education and support to post-war veterans at no cost to them. It helps heroes hit the reset button on key relationships, and overcome challenges like suicidal ideation, depression, social isolation, divorce, and others.

Take a Knee offers three days of ‘still motion.’ A space for heroes to heal one another.

To support this noble cause, Take a Knee is actively seeking additional funding to ensure that its programs are offered free of charge to veteran participants. Donations can be made through their fundraising link here.

Take a Knee is not just a veteran-run organization but also promotes minority participation, creating a diverse and inclusive platform for those who have served their country.

For those interested in further engagement, Take a Knee encourages the purchase of the book titled “The 4-Hour Fix-It Plan,” available on Amazon. Authored by DeAngelo Jelks, a veteran and founder of Take a Knee, the book delves into the often-unspoken mental health challenges. It goes beyond the surface, tackling issues many individuals silently grapple with. The 4-Hour Fix-It Plan is a guide to empower readers to navigate and overcome trauma, fear, pain, guilt, and anger, which are often rooted in experiences dating back to early childhood.

The book challenges readers to move beyond the facade of happiness, offering practical tools for self-reflection and healing. It is an ideal read for those living with repressed emotions and for family members seeking a deeper understanding of their loved ones.

Take a Knee invites everyone to join in their mission to support and uplift the lives of our national heroes. Together, we can make a difference in the well-being of those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Connect with Take a Knee on its official Facebook and website at www.TakeAKneeus.org

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