Syndpro: The Must Have Membership for Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors currently make up approximately 34% of the workforce in the United States, with that number expected to increase to about 40% by the year 2020, according to an Intuit report.  Unfortunately, that means more and more Americans are losing their corporate benefits and perks.

Enter SyndPro, a total business platform designed specifically for independent contractors and small business owners.  SyndPro members enjoy a diverse portfolio of corporate perks and membership benefits that would be fit for a Fortune 500 executive, yet are skillfully assembled to address a variety of challenges unique to the independent contractor and small business owner.

Corporate Perks:  Special discounts and offers for employees of major corporations, otherwise known as corporate perks, are often the key to employee satisfaction and retention for the businesses that are wise enough to offer them.  SyndPro members currently enjoy over 800 such corporate perks and special discounts, pricing below the lowest advertised prices, with more perks added every month.  Some of the bigger corporations offering special pricing for SyndPro members include ZipCar, 24 Hour Fitness, Papa John’s pizza, MLB Major League Baseball, Orbitz and many more, over 800 more.

Business Promotional Tools:  Every independent contractor needs to promote their business and SyndPro helps members do just that.  Press releases are often utilized to promote small businesses, yet they can be quite expensive for an individual to purchase.  SyndPro members are able to take advantage of the power of press release syndication by submitting their news worthy content, for any and all of their businesses and websites, to over 1,000 online media sources as a unique membership benefit. 

SyndPro members also have several incentives they are able to give away to increase traffic and sales for their various businesses and clientele. 

At the premium levels, membership included unlimited consultations with tax professional and unlimited consultations with business attorneys, making SyndPro membership a must have for every independent contractor.

Additionally, SyndPro members have access to an in-depth internet marketing training series to give aspiring online marketers step-by-step instructions and professional advice on Social Media and other popular marketing strategies.

Turnkey Business Opportunity:  The powerful SyndPro business model is brilliantly simple.  There is no costly inventory to purchase, store or ship and very little startup cost up or overhead, making a SyndPro business both affordable and simple to start.  Perhaps most impressive is that there are two different income streams; both high commissions and monthly residual income.  The monthly residual income is fundamental in making this business model sustainable and, according to many financial professionals, residual income is the key to earning lasting wealth.

Every SyndPro member is able to resell the membership in the turnkey business opportunity.  SyndPro shows their ingenuity in designing this business platform once again with the addition of a 24/7 Live Chat sales team included on each affiliate site in an effort to alleviate affiliates of the burden of sales.  Having the 24/7 Live Chat sales team available to immediately answer every visitor’s questions greatly increases the sales close ratio for affiliates, which in turn improves their bottom line.

SyndPro really is a total business platform and valuable resource for independent contractors and small business owners.  Their tagline sums it up nicely; SyndPro is where business meets opportunity.

About Us/ Resource: is a valuable resource for independent contractors and small business owners combined with a turnkey business opportunity.  Learn more about SyndPro membership benefits by taking the video tour today.  You will receive a free 3 day 2 night hotel stay as a special thank you for viewing this dynamic business membership.  SyndPro is where business meets opportunity.

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