Syncrementum Innovates Social Media Promotions with New, Automated Software

When journalist William Friedman was wondering how to promote his social media presence without using the conventional paid ad route, little did he know that he would stumble upon what could be the best kept secret of the social media marketing industry. He discovered Syncrementum, a firm run by two Polynesian entrepreneurs, who have achieved big results through innovative technologies and strategies.

Businesses today are splurging thousands of dollars on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote their content and create followers and streams of revenue. Wishing to do achieve the same results without the huge investments, William Friedman sought advice and finally found a golf driver manufacturer who had broken sales records, a mentor with millions of followers, and a new brand with a huge following. The common factor behind their success was Syncrementum, which they described as ‘the best of the best in social media promo’.

Based in Utah, Syncrementum is run by Polynesians James Niu Wolfgramm and Baby J Fotu. The duo has only been in business for six months, but has spent no money on advertising, taking the referral route instead. Their combination is an entrepreneur’s recipe for innovation, specializing in helping companies and companies to build a social media presence by connecting them with people who are specifically looking for their type of products and services. Syncrementum is thus the SEO of social media.

Syncrementum has built a proprietary software to find the people that a business want, and bring them to social media handles. The automated software doesn’t require messaging every new follower. For instance, a health company can find everyone in their area who uses a relevant term in their posts. The origins of Syncrementum go back to the times when James had launched a golf magazine, and developed a software to find people who could be subscribers. He managed to acquire over 60,000 subscribers. Subsequently, Baby J joined hands to bring structure, a name and plan for the company.

BabyJ says, “We aren’t worried about being the first anything, we work on being the best something.”

“If clients are willing to pay us with an asset like bitcoin, that proves I’ve built something great,” James commented.

“The pair are truly ahead of their time. A social media management and marketing agency that has never spent a dollar on marketing for themselves, and it’s only because they’ve been able to prove their work instead of just talking about it. I’m excited to report, I have just hired Syncrementum to help me build my brand. Finding ‘The best of the best in social media promo’ has never felt so good,” says journalist William Friedman, Business Law Reviewer.

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